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Nintendo is acting fast when it comes to updating Splatoon 2. The developer and publisher updated fans on the status of a brand new map for the third-person multiplayer shooter game, which will be added to the Splatoon 2 Splatfest tournaments.

The news was posted by the Nintendo of America Twitter account, featuring several images of the new stage for the Nintendo Switch exclusive, which can "transform" in between the Splatfests.

There's no name for the stage, but it looks like some kind of outdoor rec area near an overpass. It's kind of tough to make it out. Then again it could be an indoor playscape with a fake skybox surrounding it, almost like a laser-tag arena... but with paint.

The image shows some of the typical areas that can be used for cover, while there are also the typical ramps and pylons, there are also a lot of fortification structures on either side of the map. It almost gives it a fort-like vibe... well, a fort built by squid kids.

A second image of the Splatoon 2 map gives gamers a much larger view of the arena, which seems to showcase a bit more of the theme of the map. It's definitely mirrored after an outdoor area that's designed as a prop-filled play-space, which actually seems to possibly take place indoors.

We get to see that there are multiple vertical levels to the stage, and this affords players the opportunity to cover the map from both the upper and the lower ground.

The third image is a bit of a mystery, showing a mystery squid icon in a solar system with a spinning swirl around it. In the Twitter thread, some are saying that the Japanese Twitter feed for Nintendo claimed that the map is called the "Mystery Zone", and that it's a riff on the Twilight Zone. That actually makes a lot of sense given its design.

A lot of gamers seem to want the map to keep with the Twilight Zone name, but it's obvious Nintendo won't want Splatoon trapped in a legal fight over the name of a Splatfest stage.

Some gamers have stated that Nintendo should be focusing on improving server stability and improving the way gamers can voice-chat with one another.

Splatoon 2 came out at the tail end of July, offering gamers a lot more of what was featured in the 2015 outing for the Wii U. This includes more maps, more customization features, more weapons, more ways to paint and more ways to be painted.

You can check out the review for the game here at Cinemablend to get an idea of what it's like, or grab a copy from your local retailer. The new Mystery Zone map will appear as part of the Splatfests tournament, so keep your eyes peeled for it while playing online.

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