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A new video for Life is Strange has popped up featuring nine minutes worth of gameplay from the upcoming adventure point-and-click adventure game from Deck Nine Games and Square Enix. The footage gives you a good look at some of the angsty character interactions ahead of the game's release.

The video was posted up recently, clocking in at nine minutes and 31 seconds. It starts by informing gamers that the scene is a short snippet from a much longer scene. It starts with a look at Chloe's room as the logos pop up and we hear some indie music playing in the background.

We see Chloe in bed, smoking a cigarette while the title title for Before The Storm Episode 1 pops up called "Awake". The first task you have to do is change clothes by selecting an outfit from Chloe's drawer. You can also walk around the room and examine some of the stuff in the room.

Graphically the environments look really good, and the lighting and props almost look photorealistic at times.

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After walking through the house for a bit, Chloe discovers that Blackwell has sent a letter regarding a missed payment. You can check out a few of the family heirlooms hanging around the house while Chloe introspectively gets angsty about her mother's new boyfriend David having to drive her to school. In fact, Chloe seems to stay angsty throughout the clip, and the developers explain why in a behind-the-scenes video that was posted up over on Tumblr.

Just like in the standard Life is Strange, players can take their time and meander around getting mental notes from the protagonist along the way.

The clip rounds out after Chloe has to help David replace a spark plug in the car. Players are tasked with getting a socket wrench from the toolbox and giving it to David. While it seems like a simple task, in typical Life is Strange fashion, there are soliloquizes about the life that Chloe had when her father was still alive, as well as the importance of the objects he left behind still in their home, such as his toolbox.

Some players might be put off by Chloe's attitude and demeanor in Before The Storm, but it's par the course from how she was in the original first season.

A lot of people in the comment section were curious about the game's intro song, and it didn't take long for the internet sleuths to inform the community that it's "No Below" from Speedy Ortiz.

While Dontnod isn't at the helm of the upcoming Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, many gamers are still interested in it to see what Deck Nine does with the prequel. You can look for the point-and-click game to launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on August 31st at the end of the month. Sadly it doesn't appear as if mobile devices or the Nintendo Switch will make the cut.

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