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Nintendo has announced that there will be a special edition Nintendo 3DS XL designed to launch in time for the release of Metroid: Samus Returns, which is due for release on Nintendo's portable handheld device starting next month, on September 15th.

The news comes courtesy of the official Nitnendo of America Twitter account, which announced that the Samus Edition of the Nintendo 3DS XL would be arriving at select retailers alongside with the launch of Metroid: Samus Returns on September 15th. However... make note that the special edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL does not come with a physical or digital copy of Metroid: Samus Returns.

That's right, if you decide to buy the new portable system from Nintendo with the Samus themed livery, you won't be getting a copy of the game with the system.

However, the system itself does feature a rather inviting livery. It's a red design with a hexagonal background and a silhouette of Samus in her suit posing with her blaster out-stretched.

On the bottom back side of the second screen, the hexagonal background is still present, but the color is gold-like to reflect the color scheme of Samus' gold and red armor.

A lot of people are both excited and disappointed. Excited because it's a new 3DS design featuring one of Nintendo's most beloved characters. They're disappointed because it means they have buy an all new 3DS XL in order to get the new livery.

Many lamented that Nintendo doesn't allow for the swappable face plates like in some of the other older Nintendo 3DS systems.

Some people were sad because they just recently bought a 3DS XL and now they're in a tough spot of having to decide whether they want to buy this new one or not. Nintendo fan problems.

On the other side of the coin, there were still people asking about Nintendo Switch bundles, which have been in short supply across many retailers. Nintendo has been working on getting out new stock for the Switch, especially as the company heads into the holiday season and the interest and engagement for Super Mario Odyssey begins to ramp up.

Switch stock shortages plagued its potential throughout April, May and June, but Nintendo managed to get the parts issue under control and are now focused on getting out enough supply to meet demand.

For the New Nintendo 3DS XL There shouldn't be any problems with customers getting their hands on the special Samus edition, assuming Nintendo makes enough units. The company has lately been suffering from not producing enough supply, especially with the NES Classic Edition. So, hopefully, there aren't any problems when it comes to people getting their hands on the new handheld device that will launch alongside with the 3D side-scroller, Metroid: Samus Returns next month. Be sure to keep an eye on retailer stock to ensure that you can get your hands on the custom system before they all sell out.

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