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LawBreakers Is Having Launch Problems On PS4

(Image credit: Boss Key Productions)

Every new multiplayer game usually goes through launch woes, and even for game industry veteran Cliffy B., and his Boss Key Productions studio, there are still problems to fix when it comes to dealing with launching a multiplayer only game like Lawbreakers, even on a home console like the PS4.

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Dutch programmer and co-founder of Boss Key Productions, Arjan Brussee, took to Twitter to express his mild frustration and attentive resolve to fixing the launch problems plaguing Lawbreakers at the moment.

The game just recently went live on PC and PlayStation 4 on August 8th, proving that day-one releases for multiplayer-only titles is still a work-in-progress for the gaming industry.

As mentioned in the tweet, some players are having problems changing roles during the match or leaving a match, along with the typical performance woes that tag along with a first-person multiplayer shooter like this.

In the exact same thread as Brussee's tweet, one player remarked that they were having some issues with FPS drops on the PS4 version of the game. Surely that's something that most developers certainly don't want to see as part of the feedback for a fast-paced, multiplayer arena shooter that's designed for 60fps and 120fps gameplay, not unlike Quake, Unreal or Call of Duty.

Gamespot detailed the "hitching" issue as some slight hiccups with the frame-rate when performing certain actions during the game, causing a freeze-frame, which obviously impacts performance.

There are also a few scattered PC gamers dropping into the review section on the Steam page pointing out that the game is also having some performance issues on their AMD GPUs, which is not a good look for Boss Key or AMD for the brand new first-person shooter.

On the bright side, at least the complaints are minimal and the issues are contained to minor things like hitching, FPS drops and some performance-related hiccups that are usually addressed with a a hotfix or two.

Boss Key is already hard at work on a patch for the game, and if the developers can get it all sorted in a short enough time manner then it could greatly help the overall perception of the game.

Lawbreakers is aiming to be the new top hero-shooter for 2017. The game brings a few new gimmicks to the table, including being able to shoot behind you while you're flying through the air, or using the gravity wells scattered throughout the stage to gain vertical height and rain down pain on unsuspecting foes.

Lawbreakers is available right now on PC and PS4 for $29.99. Sadly Xbox One owners are left out of the loop, but Cliff Bleszinski did mention at E3 that depending on how things go with the PS4 and PC launch, maybe the studio will keep Xbox in the loop at some point in the future. Hopefully, if that day does come there won't be any launch-day issues with the FPS or performance.

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