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Obduction PS4

Cyan's Obduction managed to rekindle the old-school feeling of mystery, puzzle-solving and exploring gorgeous worlds. The game originally came out on PC after successfully going through the Kickstarter process, and now it's scheduled to release on PS4 and it will have VR support as well.

The news comes courtesy of a post made over on the PlayStation Blog by Cyan's CEO, Rand Miller, who explained that Obduction is set to arrive on both the PS4 and the PlayStation VR headsets starting August 29th.

The game was actually originally designed with VR in mind, even well before VR headsets were made available as consumer products. Thanks to pre-Facebook Oculus having the Rift DK1 and DK2 kits shipped out to developers and enthusiasts who had backed the project, a lot of studios were able to get some early work done on implementing stereoscopic rendering into the game to support VR output.

The PC version of Obduction is available for $29.99 and supports standard play along with VR head-tracking support for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. So you'll be able to play this game for the first time on home consoles with VR support, allowing you to experience the strange and gorgeously rendered alien world if you have a PlayStation VR headset.

Obduction wasn't a game that came about easily, though. Cyan originally pitched the concept to the general gaming audience back in late 2013, where the game managed to receive $1.3 million in Kickstarter crowdfunding in order to come to life. The game was billed as a throwback to Myst and Riven, and would offer players both a visually stimulating and mindfully challenging experience.

Obduction didn't actually see the light of day on PC until just last year around this same time. It was in late August in 2016 that the title officially launched onto the Steam platform.

Surprisingly, the Unreal Engine 4-powered first-person puzzler did not have home consoles in its stretch goals. However, it did feature Oculus Rift or VR support as a stretch goal at the $1.3 million mark, which gamers managed to achieve by pledging any and everything at the twelfth hour in order to hit the mark.

After launching last year, the game has managed to rack up just over 90,000 copies moved, according to Steam Spy. It's not quite the blockbuster game that Myst originally was when it arrived on the market back in 1993, but the landscape of gaming has changed radically since then. Walking simulators have cornered the market on being visually profound storytelling vehicles, while mobile games have dominated the puzzle genre, and Call of Duty has dominated the overall market.

Anyway, Obduction is about a strange light taking players out of the the comfort of their home world and putting them into the strange setting of an alien world. Through discovery and a lot of snooping around, players will attempt to discover the mysteries of the alien world and attempt to find their way back home.

You can look for Obduction to launch on August 29th for the PS4 and PlayStation.

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