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Umbrellas can be dangerous in Splatoon

Nintendo keeps rolling out fresh content for Splatoon 2 and, as of tonight, the latest weapon in your inktastic arsenal will be unleashed. Get ready to make it rain with the Splat Brella.

As is the case with all Splatoon 2 weapon DLC, the Splat Brella is being made available free of charge to all players. You'll need to level up your Squid Kid to a certain level and spend the usual in-game currency to acquire it, but that's all the hoops you'll have to jump through. The new gear will go live tonight beginning at 7 p.m. PT.

In case the name didn't give it away, the Splat Brella is an umbrella that doubles as both an offensive and defensive weapon. If you've seen Kingsman, you've already got the idea of how this bad boy works, and might even be a little giddy to finally be getting your hands on it.

They've got a rundown on how the new gear works over on Gamespot, explaining that it is being considered an "entirely new class" of in-game weaponry. It certainly operates unlike anything else in the game. Most weapons in Splatoon 2 have a few tricks up their sleeve, but the Splat Brella is creatinly a rather unique spin on versatility.

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As a weapon, the Splat Brella shoots ink at your enemies just like all of the other weapons in the game. But just hold the ZR button, and the umbrella will open up and protect the player from incoming fire. We'll be interested in seeing how players figure out what they can do to counter this particular combination.

An extra cool little perk of the Splat Brella is that if you hold the trigger long enough, the umbrella part of it will fire forward and serve as a moving shield. Not sure if that means you're minus defensive cover until a respawn, or if the canvas reloads after a set amount of time.

Like all weapons in Splatoon 2, the Splat Brella will have a pre-set loadout and, this time around, the gear Nintendo has paired with the gun is basically perfect. Your special ability will be the Ink Storm, which creates a cloud on the map that slowly rains down ink. Your subweapon will be the Sprinkler Grenade, which drops onto the ground and sprays ink in a mist. See? Perfect.

According to the game's Japanese Twitter account, a line of summer-themed clothing will drop into Splatoon 2's stores, too. These don't appear to be new gear, sadly, but instead a curated list of items that would be perfect to wear to the beach.