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No Man's Sky Update

Hello Games has announced that there's yet another update available for No Man's Sky for those playing on PC or PlayStation 4. Update 1.34 has gone live, and there's a complete changelog of all the massive changes that were made for the game, ranging from the AI being overhauled to optimizing save files so that they don't get too big.

Over on the official No Man's Sky website, there's a massive changelog for all the modifications, tweaks, updates and alterations made for the game.

The most pressing issue was that every time players visited a portal from the Atlas Rises update, it would bloat up the save file immensely. Hello Games managed to shrink the No Man's Sky save file, so you no longer have to worry about visiting multiple portals.

Speaking of teleporters... the teleporters in space stations now allow players to teleport directly to other stations as well as to their base, making it easy to get back home in case you take one too many portals out into no man's land.

Other performance related upgrades have also been implemented, including additional paths rendered on the galactic map, along with a few other GUI fixes with the way messages appear on the ship and fixing some of the animations for various NPCs during interaction sequences.

A majority of the other changes include optimizations and helping the game play more smoothly, as well as fixing some interaction menus to increase playability.

This new update is a follow-up update for the Atlas Rising update, which was big enough to be considered a massive new expansion for No Man's Sky.

During the update's development, Hello Games stayed silent and opted not to give gamers too much to sink their teeth into in terms of hopes and promises. The small team out of Guildford, England, spent its time working on improving No Man's Sky over the course of the summer, making necessary changes, improving the performance, and expanding some of the planetary aesthetics and possibilities within the game.

Following the initial backlash against the developers when No Man's Sky launched last year for PC and PS4, Hello Games decided to sit down, shut up, and focus on attempting to deliver the game that was promised to gamers leading up to its release.

A lot of gamers were miffed that multiplayer didn't make the launch cut. Well, multiplayer (or some light form of it) was added as part of the Atlas Rising update. Others were disappointed that planet variety was not as creative or diverse as they had hoped. Hello Games addressed that as well, adding more variables and variety to the procedural planet generation. Complaints about the game have eventually subsided with all of the new updates.

Now it looks like Hello Games is on a mission to improve the space-traveling sci-fi game to the point where all those negative impressions are turned upside down and into something positive.

A lot of gamers are actually somewhat excited about the new content in No Man's Sky. Hello Games still isn't done with its large-scale space sim, and it appears the indie studio will continue to read over the feedback and improve the game.