Destiny 2 Xur

Bungie's Destiny sequel has been scoured from top to bottom for every new thing that the company has added into the first-person shooter for the PS4 and Xbox One. One thing that you wouldn't find until just recently is the appearance (or rather, re-appearance) of a character from the first game who became quite popular: Xur.

Gamespot is reporting that Xur is now back in Destiny 2. The mysterious Agent of Nine is now dabbling around in Destiny 2, selling his wares across the war-torn galaxy and Cabal-infested planets where players are trying to rebuild the Guardians and restore the Light.

Much like his role in the first game, Xur is a seller of fine wares and exotic items. Also like in the first game, you'll need special currency in order to purchase anything from the mercurial merchant, as he doesn't take the standard coins you're used to collecting. In fact, he only exchanges his goods for Legendary Shards. This is one of the major departures from his appearance in the first Destiny, where he would instead take Strange Coins for his wares.

You can only acquire Legendary Shards by first acquiring rare and exotic legendary items during your travels throughout the solar system. You gain the Shards by dismantling exotic or legendary gear. So you're likely only going to have a very limited supply, which means you will have to spend it wisely.

Additionally, Bungie has made a major change with Xur for Destiny 2. Instead of popping up around various social spaces like he did in the first game, he now appears in various parts of the map, including on patrols, so there's a slight element of hunting down Xur unlike in the first game.

However, the hunting down of Xur is made far easier thanks to Bungie implementing a map icon of Xur into the game so that once you pull up the map you can see where he is within the game world. It definitely takes a bit of the intrigue and mystery out of tracking him down and finding him using your own wits and sense of adventure.

Nevertheless, the merchant who seems to carry a close resemblance to the one from Resident Evil 4 has made his mark again in the sci-fi shooter from Bungie. Gamers have been quite excited about his return and have been looking for ways to stack up the Legendary Shards in order to purchase the exotics.

Bungie also unveiled the game's first Raid this past week, introducing gamers to the Leviathan space palace. The Cabal installation unveiled some startling new secrets about the planetary conquerors and also introduced some new gameplay challenges a lot of players didn't see coming.

The Raid could be made a lot easier by picking up some of the rare items in Xur's stash, so it's best to check him out while he's available over in Nessus for the time being. Don't expect him to stay there for long, though. Xur has a tendency to wander to new locations each week, just like he did in the original Destiny.

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