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Friday The 13th: The Game

During the Kickstarter for Friday The 13th: The Game one of the core selling points was that the game was supposed to have a single-player story mode available for those who backed the game. Unfortunately, things haven't quite worked out just yet and the game still doesn't have a single-player story mode.

Gun Media and Illfonic finally explained to backers and eager fans who picked up a copy of Friday The 13th: The Game exactly why the game doesn't have a single-player mode. Illfonic executive producer Joshua Gertz mentioned in the forum post...

Let's talk about single player. Currently we are behind on the Summer date. There are number of reasons why this is, but it all boils down to making sure we are not releasing new content while still having issues with the core game. There were a number of issues we needed to address with the games stability prior to committing additional resources to making Single Player happen. We now feel we have turned that corner and have doubled down on Single Player to try and catch up.

The forum features more than just explanations (or excuses, if you're an angry backer), there's also a roadmap for the game that reveals all the DLC that Illfonic and Gun Media have planned for the game. It starts with a free clothing pack and ends with a new map. In between, we see all the various other updates planned.

It looks like the single-player content won't be made available until after Halloween but before winter gets here. Unfortunately, the single-player won't be the full version. The roadmap reveals that there's only going to be a single-player challenges demo, along with offline bots, set to arrive just ahead of that.

Between that time and the actual single-player mode there will be new maps, new skins, new clothing and a new Jason skin.

Gertz explains that forcing gamers to have to wait as long as they have for the single-player was inconvenient enough, so in order to make things go by a lot faster Illfonic is hiring some more staff...

We have hired additional people, are working with contractors and even diverted others working on other tasks to help. We have also decided to take a look at Single Player and we are breaking it into a number of different experiences that can be released independent of one another. This way as soon as one thing is done we can launch it without having to wait on everything else.

So we can assume the "experience" that Gertz is talking about is the single-player challenges that will release this fall.

Part of the problem is that the core of Friday The 13th: The Game still hasn't been properly fixed and the game's issues with lag, performance, and matchmaking. Illfonic has spent the last several months attempting to fix the game and didn't have time to add the single-player content.

Illfonic and Gun Media haven't had the best of times with the community but it looks like the developers will finally deliver what was promised since the game was on Kickstarter.

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