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Urban Champion

One of the new features coming to the Nintendo Switch is the Switch Arcade. The new feature sports a number of classic Nintendo arcade titles, but after its announcement Nintendo decided to add a few more games to the line-up, including three titles you probably didn't expect to see on the Switch.

The news was first reported by Famitsu, (via GoNintendo) where it was announced that Excitebike, Urban Champion, and Wrecking Crew would be joining the line-up of games already previously announced for the Switch Arcade.

Now, this isn't the Excitebike from the NES or the Wii. The versions of the game that will be available on the Switch Arcade are based entirely on the original arcade versions of the games, which are slightly different from what was released on the home consoles. In fact, Nintendo made it known that the games that are part of the Switch Arcade will also sport all new features in addition to all the quirks and gimmicks from the original cabinets. Nintendo wasn't keen on giving away all of the new features, but for some of the games, there will be local multiplayer added to the game where two players will be able to play using a single set of Joy-Con controllers.

So when will Excitebike, Urban Champion, and Wrecking Crew make their way to the Switch Arcade? No idea. We don't even know if they'll be coming to America since they were only announced for the Japanese version of the Switch Arcade.

As noted by Go Nintendo, the very first game to launch on the service will be the original Mario Bros., which will go live next week on September 27th. After that various other games will slowly start to roll out onto the system.

This new arcade alternative is sort of like the Virtual Console but for the arcade games that Nintendo used to make back during the early 1980s. Gamers have still been peppering Nintendo with questions about possibly adding the Virtual Console to the Nintendo Switch, but so far there haven't been any announcements from the Big 'N' about enabling the Virtual Console on the hybrid game console.

One of the things that gamers have also been asking for is backwards compatibility with Wii U or Wii games at the least, especially if Nintendo won't be enabling the Virtual Console. However, while hope for those features dwindle, the company will also be making the Classic Games feature available as well when the premium version of the Nintendo Network goes live next year. This will feature classic NES and SNES games for the Switch. So it'll just be a matter of time before it finally starts getting newer games, possibly from the N64 era on up.

Even still, for gamers who enjoyed Nintendo's classic arcade titles, you can look forward to playing the arcade versions of the racing game Excitebike, the one-on-one fighting game Urban Champion, and the 2D platformer Wrecking Crew soon enough.

Now, all we need are release dates for all of the announced Switch Arcade titles and then we'll be all set.

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