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Friday The 13th: The Game Spring Break Update

Illfonic and Gun Media updated Friday The 13th: The Game recently with some new Spring Break 1984 DLC. The new update brings a number of new fixes, balances, tweaks, and clothing items to the counselors in the asymmetric, horror-themed multiplayer game.

The patch details were made available over on the official Friday The 13th: The Game's website, where the changelog rolled through the various additions to the game, including each of the outfits made available for the counselors. This includes the all-new outfit customization feature presented through the overhauled user interface, allowing gamers to easier navigate the menus and character options, along with new outfits and colors for some of the counselors.

The developers also made it where you can now select the top, pants, and shoes colors and patterns, mixing and matching and turning the counselors into more personalized versions to suit your visual play-style.

An all new emote customization wheel has also been added, allowing players to assign multiple communication emotes to the wheel. Illfonic also tossed in eight free communication emotes so you can signal to your teammates when you're in trouble, or to warn them away when Jason is on the prowl.

The Friday The 13th: The Game update also fixed some of the perks during the gameplay, along with a few of the bugged achievements for the Xbox One and Steam versions of the game.

A major bug involving the screen going black during loading a map, while a player losing connection has also been fixed, and a couple of bugs that kept repeatedly awarding XP to the player were also squashed out.

The developers also found a few spots across Crystal Lake where Jason was unable to kill the counselors, and so that glitch has been addressed, along with an issue where the cars could block the lodge entrance.

Counselors, glitches, and bugs weren't the only things that were addressed in the most recent Spring Break update (which has ironically been released during the fall) for Friday The 13th; Illfonic also addressed a number issues with Jason, including various tweaks and problems with his animations, along with his abilities. For instance, one of the bugs let Jason break windows and doors without swinging at them, giving gamers the impression that Jason had psychic abilities.

There were also some bugs that allowed Jason to phase shift and grab counselors at the exact same time. On the flip side, however, there was also one bug that prevented Jason from being able to pull counselors out of a stopped car.

Gamers had been complaining that Friday The 13th: The Game had a lot of issues that had been persisting throughout the spring and summer since the game released for home consoles and PC. Illfonic and Gun Media appear to have finally come around to addressing these problems, especially for the Xbox One, which some gamers felt was being neglected during the updates.

The latest update is available right now, but gamers (and crowdfunding backers) who are still waiting to play the single-player portion of Friday The 13th: The Game will still have to wait a while before it launches.

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