Pokemon Go Summer Equinox

It seems like Niantic Labs just can't catch a break. The developer of Pokemon Go oftentimes rolls out events for the game but there's always some hiccup or two that makes things tough for the gaming audience. Well, server problems have made the Summer Equinox event tough on the gaming audience.

The news about the server issue during the Summer Equinox event was posted on the official Pokemon Go Twitter account. The account informs users that there are server issues plaguing Pokemon Go, preventing the servers from working as intended, which has resulted in trainers being unable to log into the game.

In response, plenty of trainers have popped into the Twitter feed to ask for extra days for the Stardust Event because this will surely impact the amount of time people will have to participate in the September Equinox.

For now, Niantic has yet to say exactly how long it will take to get the servers back up and running or what sort of impact it will have on the event, but it will run all the way through next week, on October 2nd, so there's still plenty of time to get in on the action, assuming the servers are back up and running shortly.

The September Equinox event for Pokemon Go originally got underway last weekend on September 22nd. The event will allow gamers to receive double the amount of Stardust when it comes time to acquiring Pokemon Eggs, along with hatching them. It also features special item boxes that can be picked up from Gyms and PokeStops located around your area, and inside you'll be able to acquire the all new Super Incubator.

Incubators are what's used to hatch Eggs in Pokemon Go. The more you walk in real life, the more the incubator helps the Pokemon to hatch. Different types of Incubators can help gamers hatch the Eggs faster, so it's important to have some quality Incubators in your possession. With the Super Incubator, however, it's possible to hatch Eggs at 1.5 times the rate of normal Incubators. Additionally, a special Incubator is nothing without special Eggs... and Niantic have been rolling out special 2km Eggs at various locations for gamers to pick up and use with the Super Incubator.

This Summer Equinox event was supposed to mark Pokemon Go's exit from summer and entry into fall. However, the whole thing still ended up getting marred by the whole server issue, something that Niantic has been dealing with ever since the game launched last year in the summer.

In fact, just this past summer was the Chicago event that took place, and it did not end well. The servers ended up crashing due to the amount of people who showed up to the event, and it was cut short. Niantic attempted to calm people by giving out a free Legendary Pokemon, but it didn't stop people from suing Niantic for the troubles caused.

Hopefully the company can resolve the server issues in a timely enough manner so as not to completely disrupt the Summer Equinox event in Pokemon Go.

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