The slightly retooled PSVR headset

Coming nearly a year after the launch of the original PlayStation VR hardware, a revamped version of Sony's virtual reality helmet is headed our way, making a few key changes that will be nice for newcomers, but shouldn't ruffle the feathers of early adopters. However, the changes should make using headphones easier as well as the ability to use the headset with an HRD compatible TV.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, they've updated their PSVR FAQ to include information about the new hardware, though a release date has not yet been revealed. However, it was revealed that the pricing for the new units will be the same as the old units, but apparently, the packaging will be a bit different to help you differentiate one from the other.

As far as gameplay goes, you should expect the same experience as with the original PSVR headset. This isn't a case of PlayStation 4 versus PlayStation 4 Pro. It doesn't sound like any tweaks were made to make the games look oodles better or anything like that. So whether you're playing Resident Evil VII or Starblood Arena on an OG headset or the new model, you're in for basically the exact same experience.

Instead, it sounds like the changes were made to the hardware itself, with the introduction of a couple quality of life alterations. The model number will be CUH-ZVR2, and its design will enable the stereo headphone cables to be integrated with the VR headset. That way, you can pop on the headset and slide the headphones into your ears rather than fussing with separate earbuds or over-the-unit headphones. There will also be a slimmer, streamlined connection cable that, again, is just a nice perk. The cables for the current model are pretty bulky, so it's nice to know they're going to be slimming those up a bit and reducing a bit of the pull on the player's neck (not that it's a heavy headset to begin with.)

There will also be an updated processor unit with the new model, which is that extra little box you need to plug everything into, which then feeds to your PlayStation 4. This new version is unfortunately not compatible with the original headsets but, again, it's a nice little perk if you've been holding out on buying a PSVR until now. This new processor supports HDR pass through, which means you'll be able to check out HDR-compatible PS4 content on your TV, minus the need to disconnect the processor unit. So it basically takes a step out of the equation, which is pretty nice.

This should go without saying but, yes, all existing PSVR games are compatible with the new unit, and future PSVR games will be compatible with both units. Again, Sony didn't make a point to say the new headset is faster, more powerful or anything like that, so it sounds like all of the inner workings are pretty much the same.

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