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We haven't had a new Fear Effect game in 16 years. Well, Sushee and the Square Enix Collective are changing that by bringing the game series back with Fear Effect Sedna. Originally the game was announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but the developers recently added the Nintendo Switch to the line-up of platforms that the game will launch on.

The news was posted up on the official Fear Effect Twitter account, which is now operated by Sushee after the company managed to get the rights to the original game. Gamers can now look for the new title to launch on the Nintendo Switch starting in early 2018.

The company came onto the scene promising to make a brand new Fear Effect game in the form of Fear Effect Sedna, which is set four years after the original series of games. It follows Hana and her partner and lover, Rain, as the duo end up taking on a mysterious mission in France that ties back into their past.

The game also features Deke and Glas, the other members of the four-person mercenary team, as the duo are reunited after being separated when Glas returned to the U.S. The four mercs eventually end up meeting up again to work together on yet another mission for a shadowy organization, not unlike the first two Fear Effect titles.

The game will take players around the world, completing a variety of different objectives and taking on enemies in isometric environments.

The one major change from the old games and the new game is that Sushee decided to change the format from the fixed camera angle, which was how it was setup in the older games, almost like Resident Evil, Dino Crisis and Parasite Eve from back in the 1990s.

The gameplay has also drastically changed this time around. Instead of being a third-person traditional action-shooter, the game's mechanics now see players controlling the team members led by Hana by playing the game like an isometric, real-time strategy game. Almost like Jagged Alliance without the time-units, making it much closer to titles like _Commandos. _

You'll use the mouse to point and click your way through the environments. Some gamers haven't been entirely fond of this change after getting their hands on the demo that's currently available, while others seem to enjoy the new direction.

The game originally came onto the scene back in spring of 2016 as a Kickstarter project, and it managed to rack up enough funds for Sushee to finish development. In fact, in the most recent developer update the team noted that core production on Fear Effect: Sedna is complete and Square Enix is having its team of QA testers go over the game for any major bugs and then Forever Entertainment will proceed to port the game to home consoles in time for its early 2018 release.

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