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The first commercial for the Xbox One X invites viewers to "feel true power" with Microsoft's latest home console, showing off a collection of current and upcoming games that folks are likely eager to check out on the "most powerful console" known to man.

Set to launch on Nov. 7, Microsoft is playing up the power of the Xbox One X with its latest promotional material. It boasts 40 percent more power than any other console, even if that doesn't likely translate well for the average gamer. According to Microsoft, the new console is capable of "true 4K gaming," with titles that "look great, run smoothly and load quickly."

The new trailer opens with a shot of the sun rising in Minecraft before shifting to a similar shot in the upcoming Assassin's Creed Origins. It's kind of hard to sell a console to the average consumer based on specs, so the bulk of the trailer instead focuses on games you can play on the machine instead. We get a few flashes of the latest Forza game, the new Tomb Raider movie, the prerequisite flashes of Gears of War and even indie darlings like Cuphead and PUBG. Master Chief is then joined by various sports games and the recently released Shadow of War.

The whole thing comes to a close with a look at the Xbox One X itself. In short, we've got ourselves a sizzle reel for games, only a handful of which are actually exclusive to the console.

I'm definitely interested in seeing how the Xbox One X sells. Not to harp on the point but, outside of Forza and Cuphead, the Microsoft family of consoles hasn't had many standout titles this year. We've got PUBG on the horizon, but I'm not sure that will be enough to convince folks to pick up a pretty expensive piece of hardware, especially when a much cheaper version of the console can play the same games.

But, you can't exactly count out brand recognition and the holiday rush, especially here in the States. Launching on Nov. 7, the Xbox One X is landing at exactly the right time to wind up on holiday wish lists. Also, as we prove just about annually with the iPhone, plenty of people are willing to fork over more money just to have the latest and greatest version of a piece of hardware. And, despite a lack of announced upcoming exclusives, it's not like the Xbox One doesn't already have a stellar backlog of games any newcomer to modern gaming can be excited to dive into. Add to that even more backwards compatible games on the horizon and you've got yourself a tidy, and let's not forget super powerful, multimedia machine.

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