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The Smash Bros. cast, ready for battle.

It turns out the recent 4.0.0 update for the Nintendo Switch is just packed with surprises. As more folks tool around with the system, they've discovered a couple of new features that even Nintendo hasn't announced. For instance: You can now use GameCube controllers with the console.

When Nintendo launched the latest update for the Switch, they offered a rundown of many of the console's latest features. This included everything from capturing 30 seconds of gameplay footage to (praise the lord) finally allowing folks to transfer data between two systems. Heck, they even included the ability to connect wireless headphones.

It looks like some additional and unannounced functionality has also been added, though, specifically the ability to use GameCube controllers. As Destructoid is reporting, the GameCube controller adaptor that was developed for the Wii U can now be plugged into you Switch for use. The adaptor supports four controllers and, according to buzz around the internet, there don't seem to be any issues with functionality.

Back in the Wii U days, diehard Smash Bros. fans begged Nintendo to allow them to use their beloved GameCube controllers for the latest iteration of the series. Nintendo responded by not only offering an adaptor for the controllers, but also re-launching the controllers themselves. Thankfully, someone got curious enough to plug the thing into the Switch following the latest system update and, wouldn't you know it, the dang thing now works.

Of course this has led many to speculate about what's coming next for the console. For starters, why would Nintendo want to add support for GameCube controllers when they already offer a really nice Pro Controller for the Switch? Well, we figure it will be to appease the exact same community as last time. And why would you want to appease them unless there was, say, an updated version of the newest Smash Bros. on the way?

Another totally plausible rumor is that the Virtual Console is finally going to be making its way to the Switch and, as hinted about a year ago, Nintendo is possibly considering adding GameCube games to that collection.

Again, this is all speculation at this point but, seriously, why bother with GameCube controller support if one or both of those things weren't happening? Some would argue this serves as further proof that the Switch launched about a year earlier than it should have but, hey, late is better than never.

And honestly, this is all starting to make a lot of sense. After Super Mario Odyssey launches this Friday, Bethesda's games drop in November and we get our hands on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in early December, we're basically out of big known quantities for the Switch. What better way to add a little cushion until the next wave hits than to announce an updated Smash Bros. and/or the return of Virtual Console, potentially with GameCube games in tow?

But hey, either way, at least we can now use the GameCube controllers.

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