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If you're looking forward to playing LA Noire on the Nintendo Switch, you might want to make sure you've picked up a decent microSD card for the console. Whether you're playing digital or going physical, it's going to take up quite a bit of space.

LA Noire isn't the first game to face storage problems on Nintendo's latest console, and we're pretty confident it won't be the last. NBA 2K18 came up against a similar issue, with a 16.1GB download required whether you went physical or digital. In the case of LA Noire, folks who buy the cartridge for the game will still need to download a mandatory 14GB file, according to Eurogamer. And if you're planning on going digital, you better have a solid 29GB handy. Since the Switch doesn't even have that much available space onboard, that means you'll have to have a microSD card if you don't want to buy a physical version of the game.

Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the platform we really wish Nintendo would have considered a bit sooner. Cartridge-based systems are nice and all, but not if they don't have enough space to house modern games. Truth be told, we're worried this will serve as a deterrent for developers moving forward, as game file sizes keep getting bigger and bigger.

This probably wouldn't be as big of an issue if the Switch had anything resembling a decent amount of storage space on board. You could make the argument that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 physical games still have to have (sometimes massive) downloads, but those consoles offer a solid terabyte or two for storing such things. The Switch, on the other hand, has a hard drive that's about the same size as a 20-year-old computer. And, again, even that wouldn't be such a big issue if microSD cards were available in bigger sizes and didn't cost an arm and a leg on their own.

It seems pretty clear at this point that, whether you want to go physical or digital on the Switch, you'd better get as meaty a microSD card as you can afford and, even then, you'll want to delete games you aren't currently playing. Thankfully, the system has a really nice archive system that lets you either completely wipe a game from your console or retain its icon as a reminder that you own it and, if you want, you can download it again whenever you want.

Then again, maybe I'm being old-fashioned here. Maybe constantly deleting and re-downloading games isn't a big issue to the modern crowd. I'd be interested in hearing your take in the comments below. Is this a minor inconvenience for Switch owners or a major frustration?

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