The Dragonborn screams into the sky in Skyrim.

When Skyrim final leaps into the virtual space, Sony figures some folks will likely want to finally take the plunge with a PlayStation VR helmet. To make that process a little easier, they've announced a bundle that tucks the necessary hardware and software into a single, tidy package.

Skyrim VR is due out on Nov. 17 but, in order to play it, you're going to need a few extra pieces of hardware to plug into your PlayStation 4. That includes the PlayStation VR helmet, the PlayStation camera and, for the most immersive experience, a pair of PlayStation Move controllers. Instead of buying all of that piecemeal, you can instead pick up a bundle that includes all of the above, plus Skyrim VR, for $449.99. That's about $50 cheaper than similar bundles featuring games like PlayStation VR Worlds. Also, it includes the new model of PSVR hardware, with smaller cords and integrated headset. Finally, that bundle will be capped off by a new PSVR demo disc, featuring 13 titles you can take for a spin.

To celebrate the arrival of Skyrim on VR, Bethesda has launched a brand new trailer meant to show off how the game will make you feel.

As far as advertisements go, this one certainly gets the job done. The guy puts on his VR helmet and, shortly after, he's ripped out of his apartment by the claw of a dragon. Moments later, he's dropped onto a snowy mountain, where he lands as Dovahkiin. A brief tussle follows, with the last Dragonborn pushing the scaly beast off of a cliff before leaping after it to finish the job.

If that sounds like an experience you want to immerse yourself in, then Skyrim VR can be snagged next Friday. If you've already got a PlayStation VR rig, then you'll probably only want to buy the game. But hey, you do you, big spender.

As PlayStation Marketing VP Mary Yee points out, this isn't a special "VR experience" that takes place in the world of Skyrim. It's the entire game, with all of its content, now playable with a VR helmet strapped to your head. So even if you've already played through the original game, this might be something worth keeping your eye on.

If you want my advice, I'd say wait and see what comes out of the review cycle. This isn't a shot at Skyrim VR or the PlayStation VR helmet. I haven't played a second of the former, but I absolutely love the latter. However, I've learned over the past year that VR experiences can vary greatly from title to title. Some developers manage to nail the formula and others don't. And then there's always the question of whether or not a title is more likely to push the motion sickness button for players who experience discomfort. In cases such as these, it might behoove you to see what the word on the street is before dropping console-level funds. But, again, you do you.

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