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Xbox Game Gifting

One of the big features that a lot of Xbox gamers couldn't wait to use was the digital game gifting, a feature that's heavily used on Steam. Well, Microsoft surprised gamers with an announcement about digital game gifting, and how it's arrived just in time for the holidays.

That's right, as revealed on Mike Ybarra's official Twitter account, the Xbox One game gifting feature is now available for everyone to use, and just in time before Black Friday holiday shopping gets into full swing.

Ybarra is the corporate VP of Xbox and Windows gaming platforms at Microsoft. He regularly drops updates and goodies for gamers, including news about the game gifting being made available.

Originally, we found out about the game gifting option back in October of this year, where an image of the game gift option was showcased on the Xbox Store from someone who was in the Xbox Insiders program. The image showcased the digital store page for Titanfall 2, with three options available on the page that included "Buy," "Buy as gift" and "Redeem a code."

The ability to buy games as a gift means that you can purchase a digital copy of a game and then send it to a family or friend.

And, speaking of family members, Microsoft also rolled out a new update for the Xbox One to improve on and add some much needed updates to the newest member of the Xbox family, the Xbox One X. A few performance related issues, 4K Blu-ray issues, and some of the HDR capture problems were all addressed after receiving feedback for the system. This means that when gamers decide to gift Xbox One X games to family members or friends there shouldn't be any glaring problems when attempting to run the titles.

Now, while this new feature is receiving tons of praise and feedback, don't be surprised if there will likely be regional restrictions on the service.

Valve had to jump through a lot of hoops to avoid allowing people to gift games from one country to the other. The reason for that is because some countries have bans on certain games and some users were befriending other users and then having them gift the game to them to bypass the regional restrictions. Some people also attempted to get around the censorship standards some regions have in place by gifting friends a game from a different region to work around the censorship. I imagine Microsoft will be quick to cut down on those type of loopholes to avoid getting into any sort of trouble.

Nevertheless, if you had plans on picking up a number of digital games this holiday season or grabbing a copy of a title for you and a buddy to play during the Christmas break, you'll be able to buy a copy for yourself and gift a copy to a friend now that the digital gifting option is available on the Xbox One. You may have to check the Xbox website for details on any other restrictions or terms of use.

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