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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced that there will be free content coming to Monolith Productions' Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. The game's first bit of free updates will arrive later this month for PC, PS4 and Xbox One owners, as confirmed by the publisher.

The news was posted up over on the official WB Games Twitter account, where it was revealed that there will be a number of free updates made available, alongside the premium content that will be released for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War.

The first bit of content will arrive on November 21st in the form of the Endless Siege. This is a game mode where you'll defend all of your captured fortresses against a rising tide of Sauron's forces. This is like a typical endless survival mode, where you'll be pushed to your tactical limits to reinforce your garrisons and defend against the encroaching armies.

Also launching on November 21st is the Rebellion update, which will see you taking Talion on an adventure to crush an uprising of rebellious Orcs. These Orcs have taken it upon themselves to undermine the Bright Lord, and it'll be up to you to put them back into place.

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Also launching November 21st is the Enhanced Photo Mode, which is designed to let you capture moments from the game. Whether in battle or during exploration, and use frames, filters, and textures to enhance the photo and share it with your best buddies or your most bitter rivals.

On December 5th Monolith Productions and Warner Bros., will roll out the Online Fight Pits for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, which sees players challenging other players in online Overlord vs Overlord battles in a fight to the death. Winners will leave with their head held high and a fat stack of loot and special rewards. Losers get to go back and think about how to increase their Orc army to fight better in the pits next time.

And finally, on December 12th the Brutal Difficulty mode will be added to the game, which makes challenges more brutal than ever and also enhances the effects of the Nemesis 2.0 AI system.

All of that content will be free from the end of November up through the middle of December, next month. The free content will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC gamers.

Alternatively, for those of you who paid money for the season pass, there are two major expansion pass updates set to arrive in November and December. This includes the Slaughter Tribe on November 21st that will add an all new tribe to the game, along with new fortresses, missions, and an entirely new Legendary item set. There are also new conquest challenges, new upgrades, and abilities.

On December 12th those who hold a season pass will receive the Outlaw Tribe update, which adds the new Nemesis 2.0 world expansion. This also brings in additional tribes, new Legendary gear sets, new upgrades, new challenges, and new conquest missions. Once again, all the free content for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War get underway next week on November 21st.