Niantic Labs has been rolling out events all year long, but the latest event took the world by storm due to how massive it is. Well, after the initial breakthrough success of the first tier of the event, most people expected things to die down, but, that didn't happen at all, and now Pokemon Go's Global Catch Challenge has hit another massive goal, with gamers capturing 3 billion Pokemon.

The news comes courtesy of the official Pokemon Go Twitter account, which is reporting that the Global Catch Challenge has ended. Yes, it's done. It wasn't but a few days ago that Niantic Labs had revealed to the Pokemon Go community that the Bronze Tier had been hit -- one of three tiers that had to be unlocked to complete the event. Well, now it's being reported that all three tiers have been accomplished and the Global Catch Challenge is done and finished.

The event got underway last week on November 20th, and the first tier required gamers from all over the world to catch a whopping 500 million Pokemon. Gamers quickly managed to do so within just 24 hours' time. This unlocked the Bronze Tier reward that allowed gamers to then move onto the Silver Tier.

So, what was required of the Silver Tier? Well, gamers had to capture 1.5 billion Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Gamers hunkered down and worked their way through as many Pokemon as possible within the time limit, managing to hit the goal and unlock the Gold Tier challenge, which required gamers to capture a massive 3 billion Pokemon. The idea of that seemed too ludicrous to be possible, and yet within the time frame, gamers managed to do just that.

Polygon is reporting that, as per the listing of the rewards for completing the tasks, gamers will be able to spend the next 48 hours since the end of the Global Catch Challenge getting their hands on Farfetch'd, which has unlocked for gamers the world around.

The article also mentions that Kangaskhan is available in East Asia during the same period that Farfetch'd is being made available. So, if you live in Asia you can now get your hands on Kangaskhan, which was previously only limited to Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to the special rare Pokemon being made available, the special event also unlocked the double XP bonus and the double Stardust bonus, along with the special Lure Modules.

This event went over a lot better than previous Pokemon Go events, which were quite janky and even resulted in Niantic Labs getting sued for the Chicago fiasco. The following Japanese events went over much smoother.

Additionally, the Pokemon Go event seems to have attracted a lot more attention than the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon events that took place last year, obviously showcasing just how popular Niantic's mobile phone game really is. If you haven't jumped in on the rewards yet, it's best you do so now before they dry up.

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