Sun, rain and snow in Pokemon Go

The augmented reality of Pokemon Go has taken another step toward mirroring the real world thanks to the inclusion of some new weather effects. In short, if it's raining in your neck of the woods, it should be raining within the game world, too. Oh, and a whole bunch of new critters have also been added to the game.

Niantic is staying extremely busy these days, announcing both an upcoming Harry Potter augmented reality game and even an updated version of their first mobile title, Ingress. On top of that, they've continued to evolve the landscape of Pokemon Go, with a new weather system that tracks real-world conditions.

According to an announcement from Niantic, this is the first time an augmented reality mobile game has pulled actual weather into the game, and it's going to factor into how you enjoy Pokemon Go. Depending on the weather, you may come across different Pokemon, some may have increased combat power, and you can even earn additional in-game Stardust to spend on in-app purchases. Examples offered are that Trainers will find Pokemon like Mudkip splashing around when it rains, Cacnea hanging out on sunny days, or Snorunt enjoying a snow flurry. Niantic also states that play will change a bit with the seasons, meaning you'll have more reasons than ever to keep going out and booting up Pokemon Go.

And, speaking of reasons to keep playing, a whole bunch of Pokemon from the Hoenn region are now available; meaning you've got more critters than ever to ensnare and then force into organized combat rituals. It looks like the starter Pokemon for the region are currently available, including Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip. Additional pocket-sized monsters will be added in the coming weeks, making for a busy holiday season for those of you who enjoy taking strolls while avoiding family during visits.

While we're all for more monsters in Pokemon Go, we're curious how the weather effects will have an impact on play for some folks. If things really will shift between seasons regardless, that will at least be a help. But, what about folks who live in regions where it's almost always raining or always sunbaked? Will their options be more limited due to the new weather feature or will they have something of an advantage, with these extra Pokemon being tacked onto the usual mix?

You'll have to get out there, play and let us know. Assuming there isn't some sort of weird implementation, we figure this is just a nice way to make the game more varied than ever before. Pokemon Go is also good about getting people to get out and travel a bit, so maybe this will be just one more reason to drop by a beach next summer or head into a snowstorm in the coming months.

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