Bandai Namco made a huge announcement during The Game Awards 2017 when Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada stepped on stage and co-announced that SoulCalibur 6 is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One at some point in 2018. The announcement was accompanied by a brand new trailer, too.

The trailer starts by giving gamers a tour of a familiar looking location, set among the pristine but abandoned ruins of an ancient Greek summit. After a short flyby of the stage, we're then introduced to a much younger looking Mitsurugi, who only has the scrappy prickles of a goatee and no where near as many wrinkles as gamers may have remembered from SoulCalibur V.

We then get to see Mitsurugi and long-time sword-and-shield bearer, Sophitia, duking it out on the platform. The demi-goddess and samurai exchange blows in a few quick scenes before we get a solid grasp on the fighting and animation systems running on the Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4.

In between the clashes of the two iconic characters, we see glimpses of the Soul Edge and the chaos it brings to the world. This is an interesting bit of insight into what gamers can expect from the story mode, because, according to the official description on the main website, SoulCalibur VI will revisit the events of the original SoulCalibur. So does this mean Cervantes will be the main sub-boss like in the original Soul Blade?

So many questions, so few answers.

The trailer itself focuses more on the advanced combat mechanics, showcasing improved animation transitions thanks to the Unreal Engine 4's advanced animation tree-suite, which allows developers to blend and sculpt the transitions for characters from one set to the next in both a seamless and smooth way. We can see how the characters in SoulCalibur VI can block high and low attacks without clicking or snapping their position, but instead smoothly move from blocking, to countering, to attacking like flowing water.

We also see that all new parry moves have been added, and counter-parry moves for those of you who like to get technical with your fighting games.

This game is already showing tons of promise and there's a strong possibility that it could be the premiere fighting game of 2018. We see things like combo breakers, and technicals on display, as well as lots of opportunities to punish, and to safeguard against punishing. It looks like it could be an even more evolved fighting game than Namco's 2017 outing of Tekken 7.

Many gamers are hoping that the create-a-swordsman mode returns along with the story mode and Weapon Master mode where you can unlock new weapons for the characters. For now all we have is the minute long teaser trailer, but expect more details to drop as the game preps for its 2018 release for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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