Destiny 2 Prestige Fix

Bungie hasn't been in the good graces of its most diehard fans in recent times. The company ended up on the bad side of its own community after an XP scandal and a recent issue with inhibiting access to core content from the base game after the latest expansion released. Well, now the company is promising to bring back content that some players lost.

Over on the official Bungie website, the development team working on Destiny 2 outlined how the content was mishandled with the release of Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris, the latest expansion pack for the sci-fi multiplayer shooter. The post explains the reasoning behind the decisions to gate-lock content behind the expansion, even though it was previously accessible to all players who originally purchased the $60 game when it came out back in September.

The post explains that a hotfix is going out this week that will put the Prestige Leviathan Raid brought back down to level 300, and re-enable Prestige Trophies/Achievements for those that still have the vanilla version of the game.

Nightfall events will also only require players to own Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris if the map is from the new expansion pack, otherwise everyone will have access to the Nightfall events.

The changes will go live as part of a scheduled maintenance that will wrap up with the deployment of update

The post also mentions that the team isn't done with ironing out the game and going through the issues with a fine comb in order to balance the modes, the loot, the drops, and the events.

It initially caused outrage when normal Destiny 2 players discovered that, after the Curse of Osiris expansion released, they were unable to access the Prestige version of the Leviathan Raid. This meant that players were locked out of certain kinds of loot and modes.

Initially, Bungie raised the power level required to participate in some Prestige events, just beyond the cap that was set in the vanilla version of Destiny 2. So content that gamers had previously been able to access had become inaccessible.

This meant that people who paid for the game when it came out but didn't purchase the latest expansion were unable to play the content they paid for.

A lot of gamers most certainly made their voices heard by letting people know that they did not appreciate the change. Reports indicated that this was actually done in the original Destiny as well, when the Destiny: Dark Below expansion went live. The major difference was that there was a lot more positive hype surrounding the first game and there wasn't an XP scandal hovering over the heads of Bungie.

This time around, the issue of hardcore gamers being cut off from receiving their full XP and the fact that the Prestige Raids and events were made inaccessible for anyone who didn't have the expansion pack made gamers extremely peeved. Bungie is set to fix the Prestige and locked content issue this week, but the damage may have already been done for some gamers.

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