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Nintendo released a new trailer for Splatoon 2 covering the newest game mode set to arrive in the multiplayer shooter called Clam Blitz. The new mode is a competitive PvP affair that sees gamers having to collect clams and take them to your opponent's base.

The trailer was published recently over on the official Nintendo YouTube channel, where it features three and a half minutes worth of gameplay for the game mode that's currently available right now.

The video showcases how the mode works, which starts with two teams having to, not only, paint the arena in their respective colors, but also collect clams along the way. Once you get enough clams you go to the appropriate area on the map and shoot the clams into your opponent's net.

There's a fairly nifty meta-game involved. The objective is to get the barrier down and keep throwing clams into the net. Now if you're down and you need to get back at your opponent, it's possible to get your hands on a power clam, which is worth 10 regular clams. These power clams will drop at your base and you'll have to successfully navigate to the other side of the map and throw them at your opponent's net.

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As you can imagine, the mid-game map can get pretty intense in this new Splatoon 2 mode given that you can splat another player, take their clams and attempt to score some points. Alternatively, it's possible to play on defense and ensure that opponents don't break through and attack your barrier.

You can also limit the accessibility to your base by strategically painting over your opponent's colored zones.

During the video we see that it's possible to guard your base and prevent opponents from using the power clam to destroy the barrier. If the player holding the power clam ends up dropping it, then the clam will disappear after several seconds, forfeiting the team from cashing in on the bonus.

Nintendo promised that it would be regularly rolling out new content for Splatoon 2 all year long, and not only adding free maps and modes to the game, but also keeping the online community engaged with regular Splatfests. In fact, there's a new Splatfest set to take place this weekend.

What's more is that you can gain ranking points through Clam Blitz due to the fact that it's a ranked mode. So, it will be in regular rotation alongside Tower Control, Splat Zones, and the Rainmaker mode.

Splatoon 2 came out back in July of this year as an exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, and so far gamers have really enjoyed it, alongside the new IP called ARMS. If you're intent on getting your splat on in the new mode, you can do so right now.