Payday 2 Has Added A Quentin Tarantino-Themed Heist

Payday 2 Reservoir Dogs
(Image credit: Overkill Software)

If you thought that Payday 2 was done being updated, you thought wrong. Overkill Software may be hard at work on the upcoming The Walking Dead game in 2018, but that doesn't mean that the developers aren't putting time into Payday 2 still.

The latest update for the game features a heist right out of Quentin Tarantino's breakout hit, Reservoir Dogs. The update went live over on the Steam community page, informing heisters that Payday 2 now has an all-new set of weapons such as the ranged Union 5.56 rifle, which looks a lot like the French assault rifle, the FAMAS. The bullpup design and front grip mean you get good stability off the recoil, and a solid line-up on the iron sight options for the upgrades.

The Union is joined by the Alabama Razor, which was the razor blade used by Mr. Blonde, played by Michael Madsen in the original Reservoir Dogs. I don't know how effective the razor blade would be in a game like Payday 2 where the difficulty and danger ramp up significantly if you blow your cover or get flanked by some pesky coppers. Melee weapons in Payday 2 are more-so reserved for people just having some fun or attempting to do a full-on stealth run and want to move fast and fluently through a stage.

Additionally, the new masks for this outing are actually several pairs of sunglasses, similar to the ones worn by the group in the movie.

The update also comes with the all-new heist for gamers to go on. The heist is all about stealing diamonds. There's a video that mimics the most iconic scene from Tarantino's movie, giving you barely a glimpse of an idea as to what to expect from the heist. But the way the scene is filmed is absolutely brilliant and seems all the scarier thanks to that freaky clown mask that he's wearing.

The trailer is more-so a showcase of the new Alabama Razor, so gamers get a sense of scale and usage. Even though technically you won't be capturing any cloakers and cutting them up, unless your intimidation skills are off the chain.

Payday 2 has been going strong for years now. It's an undeniably addictive game with a great community and a strong following thanks to Overkill's commitment to keeping the game fresh with updates.

The heists based on movies such as Point Break and John Wick have also helped increase its replayability, along with the addition of new weapons and balance tweaks. And speaking of tweaks, the new 1.1GB 168 update comes with plenty of fixes to the various levels, balances to the grenade launchers, assault rifles, and light machine guns, along with some minor modifications to the Biker class perk decks.

You can hop into Payday 2 right now and start playing the new Reservoir Dogs heist.

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