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Niantic Labs implemented a new weather system into Pokemon Go, but there was always something missing about it that a lot of people felt it needed in order to become a lot more intuitive to the real-life experience of dealing with real weather while attempting to catch Pokemon. Thankfully, the game's weather system just received a much needed update.

A user posted an image of the all new weather alert system implemented into Pokemon Go via Imgur. We see that there's now a warning screen that says "Careful," and it proceeds to explain that the weather conditions outside are potentially dangerous and for users to be keen and wary of their surroundings while traveling. The warning also advises gamers to check the local weather service for details.

This is pretty important for anyone attempting to travel out and about during the harsh winter cold. The weather system was added just recently to Pokemon Go, giving the game a completely revamped way to capture Pokemon. When it first launched it was coming at the tail end of fall, and brought with it an exciting new change for the way gamers could catch Pokemon. For instance, when it rains there will be a much stronger presence of water Pokemon about, making it easy to catch the ones you might have missed before.

The weather change also came with an updated map, giving gamers a new way to explore their surroundings and capture new Pokemon. The new map also brought with it the speculation that, perhaps, Niantic Labs would have a second go of trying to get Pokemon Go approved for release officially in the mainland of China. However, for now that endeavor has not come to fruition.

Instead, Niantic is still optimizing the game and the quality of life features, such as adding in an update that warns users about potential weather hazards when things seem bad outside.

The warning only goes away after you acknowledge it on the warning screen. However, if you're unable to acknowledge the warning, I wonder what happens then? If you're actually in danger while out and about does it actually do anything useful?

According to Polygon, some people have noted that the warning is popping up even when the weather outside is normal. The warning was so frequent for those living in Toronto, Canada that some people have complained to Niantic to ease up on the warnings since they get snow there regularly.

Polygon attempted to reach out to Niantic about the issues, but didn't receive a response yet. It's likely that the developer will find a balance for the warnings so that it's not quite as pervasive as it is for those living in regions where the warning pops up in Pokemon Go even though the weather is normal. Expect to encounter the warning when inclement weather hits; for instance, if you live on the east coast in the U.S., or you're dealing with snow flurries up in Canada.

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