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The cover from High in Hightown.

While the developers at BioWare may have moved on to Anthem in the games department, it turns out the Dragon Age series will still see a release this year, but this time it will be on the printed page. Even cooler, it was "written" by a popular character from within the game world.

As Gameinformer is reporting, readers will this year be returned to the world of Dragon Age courtesy of a new illustrated novel, one that is actually being ripped straight out of the game series itself. If you played Dragon Age 2, you likely remember the dwarf author, Varric Tethras. Among his great works is the novel "Hard in Hightown," a pulp tale that earned him fans aplenty.

According to the report, "Hard in Hightown" will arrive this July 31 for $20. It clocks in at 100 pages of high fantasy goodness and even credits Tethras as the author. The guy had some help, though, as series scribe and real-life human person, Mary Kirby, is credited as the co-author. For those who enjoy pretty pictures, illustrations will be handled by Stefano Martino, Alvaro Sarraseca, Andres Ponce and Ricardo German Ponce Torres. The novel's cover will be a painting provided by artist E.M. Gist, which will give it that nice pulp feel.

As for the story itself, the narrative will focus on Kirkwall which, again, fans of the Dragon Age series will recognize. On those hard streets, rival cults are at war.

The novel's description puts Kirkwall guardsmen Donnen Brennokovic at the heart of the tale after spending 20 years on patrol. The grizzled veteran gets paired with a fresh recruit, because that is exactly how these types of stories are supposed to go. Next thing you know, the odd couple runs into a magistrate on the streets who just so happens to be bleeding all over the place. Our reluctant heroes are then pulled into an underground war between a group of Chantry agents and an organization known only as "the Executioners." Apparently, they both want to get their hands on an artifact, and we're guessing it's Brennokovic and his new partner's job to make sure that, one, neither achieve that goal and, two, they don't paint the entire city red in the process.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen a book spin out of a video game. From BioShock to Dead Space to Gears of War, Halo and beyond, there are plenty of novels set in the world of games. Heck, there are quite a few Dragon Age novels already on the market.

What aren't too common, though, are novels that appear within games popping up in the real world, much less "written by" the original author. In other words, we're excited to see how "Hard in Hightown" turns out.

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