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Skinner presents a glorious tray of Steamed Hams in The Simpsons.

A classic bit from The Simpsons has been all the rage on the internet lately, featuring the bumbling Principal Skinner and the Superintendent, who is visiting for lunch. While many video-game-centric spins have already been put on the "Steamed Hams" scene, one guy has gone the extra mile to just turn it into an actual video game.

Obviously, there's nothing official about this indie game. It's hosted all by its lonesome and, as stated in the game's description, can't be found on services like Steam--despite how perfect that would be for a tongue-in-cheek game about Steamed Hams.

You can download the game's zip file by heading to its official site. Once you get rolling, you'll discover there's plenty of reason to replay it a few times, as there are six endings depending on the choices you make. The creator explained this whole thing started as a scripting exercise, but before they knew it, it had taken on a life of its own. I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt Fox will have any issues with something as harmless as this.

As for the background as to what the hell is actually going on here, the Steamed Hams bit appeared during The Simpsons' seventh season and gained immediate acclaim for the solid-gold humor it provides. Maybe it's not roll-on-the-floor funny, but it's clever and wonderfully scripted from beginning to end.

In the bit, Superintendent Skinner has invited the Superintendent over for lunch. Skinner, who is known for crafting impossible to believe excuses in order to avoid the Superintendent's wrath, discovers that he's accidentally burned their meal. Long story short, he tells the Superintendent they're eating steamed clams, he buys a bunch of burgers to pass off as his own cooking, then claims what he actually said was "steamed hams." There is, obviously, quite a bit more to it than that, but at least you now know where the meme's name comes from.

In recent months, folks have started making "Steamed Hams but..." parodies of the clip that mix the scene with everything from Guitar Hero and Nier to Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto. Up to this point, these have just been fun little recuts of the scene to look like the popular game series. Now we've got "Steamed Hams but it's a playable 2D indie game," and we're a richer world for it.

Call us crazy, but this has gotten us thinking about how great it would be to have a lovingly crafted Simpsons game pop up here on modern consoles. The closest we've had were the Simpsons-themed levels in Lego Dimensions and, while those were great, we can't help but wonder what a full-on game would be like. But who should develop it and what genre should it be? Let us know in the comments below.

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