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One of the big requests since seventh gen has been cross-platform compatibility. It's something that gamers have been pining for since console internet connectivity became a thing. Well, some developers have been exploring it more than others, but some want to take cross-platform play beyond simply letting rival platforms engage and battle it out. Rocket League's developers have an idea to further improve the concept with cross-platform party support.

The revelation of cross-platform party play came from a response posted by the official Rocket League Help on Twitter. In response to user Floshke, who asked if there was any estimate on the release date for cross-platform party play, the Rocket League account responded that there would be cross-platform support coming in late 2018.

Psyonix was one of the first developers to actually implement cross-platform compatibility during eighth-gen gaming. This helped bolster the appeal of Rocket League greatly, as a lot of gamers loved the idea of being able to play with or against their friends on Xbox One or PS4 or the Nintendo Switch. There is, however, a caveat to the whole thing. You're not able to play on the Xbox One with PS4 users, due to Sony having a restriction on cross-platform compatibility between PS4 units and the Xbox and Switch.

However, Microsoft opened up the doors so that Xbox One and Nintendo Switch owners can play cross-platform together, and Psyonix accommodated that feature for gamers. PC gamers are the only ones who can play with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4 gamers.

One thing that does come into question, though, is what happens when a PC gamer parties up with a friend from the PS4 and then faces off against someone who is on PC who partied up with an Xbox One gamer? Could this bypass Sony's restriction on cross-platform compatibility between Xbox One and PS4 owners, or will Psyonix ensure that there are restrictions in place to keep a separation between Sony's console and the other consoles?

There's also a bevy of other questions that gamers lobbed at Psyonix regarding the Rocket league update, including whether or not there will be supported communication facilitation between cross platform play. Some wanted to know if it would be possible to send text messages to other players on other platforms while others asked if it would be possible to voice chat with other players on other platforms. Game Informer concluded that communication support between platforms could be improved with the update and that this is likely something that will improve cross-platform connectivity when people from different consoles form parties together.

The only thing gamers have to do now is sit back and wait for news on when this particular update will be made available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In the meantime, you can continue to dive into and play Rocket League while you wait for the new update.

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