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Triforce IPA

If you've ever wondered what the cast of the Legend of Zelda games does in its free time, it turns out the answer might actually be "getting turnt." It makes perfect sense, once you consider the fact that the game series now has its very own beer.

As the folks over at Esquire have pointed out, living that Hyrule life isn't all it's cracked up to be. You've got to dive into dangerous dungeons, slay countless monsters, flex those mental muscles to solve puzzles and, for our boy Link, save the kingdom time and time again.

Hard work like that is bound to build up a thirst, which is why we're happy to report some folks have decided to craft a brew inspired by the Legend of Zelda games. Wrap your lips around a Triforce IPA and you'll feel like the hero of legend, only with a buzz.

This healing brew comes to us from the fine folks of Second Self Beer Company, with a home base in Georgia. It's 6.1 percent alcohol by volume, boasts hints of mango and papaya and, according to the PR, boosts your power, wisdom and courage. Those are not only the three elements of the Triforce from the Zelda games, but accurate descriptions of the very things just about any decent beer will actually enhance; or at least we like to think so, anyway.

If the beer has a fault, it's that it's an IPA, which we all know is for dirty gutter peasants with trash tongues. All I'm saying is, why couldn't we have gotten a Ganondorf Ale or Master Sword Stout? Any port in a storm, I suppose.

If you Zelda fans are interested in giving the Triforce IPA a try, you might have a tricky time completing that quest. The brew is currently only available on draft and in cans at Second Self's taproom in Atlanta, as well as the occasional watering hole or restaurant in Georgia and Alabama. As far as we've seen, there's no way to order the beer online for delivery, either.

Then again, this is kind of appropriate, considering the inspiration. Becoming a Triforce Hero is supposed to be a hero's journey worthy of legend. You think Link was able to just walk around the corner and purchase such a relic? Nay. The pointy-eared fellow had to work for it across the entire Zelda series. So if you're willing to make the journey, it's time to head South and claim your prize.

We're not exactly sure how Nintendo feels about one of their banner series being the inspiration for an alcoholic beverage, so you might want to get to drinking with a quickness, just in case.

If all else fails, maybe you can track down some Fallout or Mortal Kombat beer instead.