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Star Wars Battlefront II has had a busy few months since launching late last year and, according to the developer, additional updates will keep rolling out in the months ahead. One of the big updates everyone's keeping their eye on is the game's revamped progression system, though it sounds like we're still a ways out from anything being implemented.

The Battlefront II launch was full of ups and downs, with the game receiving all sorts of flak for things like a rubbish progression system, iffy loot box practices and the like. That progression system is one of the major elements the team at DICE is currently addressing but, according to a recent update on the game's blog, we might still be a couple months out from actually seeing it bolted onto the game.

The progression system got so much negative attention from beta builds of Battlefront II and reviews that adjustments were made where possible before launch, and other parts were simply turned off completely. DICE and EA stated that the progression system would return some day, but not until they figured out a better balance for all of its bits and pieces.

According to the blog post, fan feedback has helped guide development of the new progression system, which has seen "significant changes" since the game launched last November. No real details are offered outside the fact that the revamped system will apparently offer "many things" the team has seen players asking for. Since more details on that are not planned to be revealed until March, we figure that means March is the earliest we'll actually see those changes added into the game; though it could be later, obviously.

Still, we've got a couple other additions to Battlefront II to look forward to in the meantime. The same blog post touts a new game mode called Jetpack Cargo that's being added in February. In that mode, two teams of eight players, all equipped with jetpacks, will compete to achieve in-game goals. It will only be available for a limited time, though.

Also, a new season is "coming soon." Details are again scarce, but DICE states that fan feedback has, once again, been taken into consideration concerning how this next series of content and events will roll out. The first season boasted some additional game chapters, as well as competitions, awards, new characters, vehicles and gear themed after The Last Jedi. We figure this will be a bit too early for a Solo-themed season, but maybe the new content is planned to lead directly into the upcoming Star Wars film. Again, we'll just have to wait and see what happens once additional details are provided.

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