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With the Switch nearing its first birthday, Nintendo has announced that one of its loyalty currencies, Gold Points, will soon be especially useful on the portable/console hybrid. Starting in March, you'll be able to use them toward the purchase of digital content.

Folks who have signed up for the My Nintendo program have become quite familiar with Platinum and Gold Points. They both have their uses but, until now, those uses have not extended to Nintendo's latest hardware, the Switch.

Slated to launch in "early March," Nintendo has announced that Gold Points will become part of the Switch's digital ecosystem, with customers able to spend them toward the purchase of additional digital goods.

With Nintendo's previous rewards program, participants could cash in their gold coins to earn free content, both physical and digital. The offerings rotated regularly and included things like postcards and pencil bags, as well as entire games. If you saved up enough Gold Points, you could cash them in on a 3DS game or even a Nintendo classic.

The Switch program for Gold Points will be a bit different, and certainly more flexible. Rather than use points on a specific set of games, it sounds like you'll be able to spend them on pretty much anything at checkout. It should also be noted that you earn points by buying games, hence the Nintendo graphic above which explains that you spend points to get more spend points to get more points.

So, when the new My Nintendo program goes live on the Switch, players will continue to earn Gold Points for their digital and physical purchases, though physical purchases tend to net you less earnings. Nintendo's breakdown is that you'll earn five Gold Points for every dollar you spend on Nintendo products. Each Gold Point is in turn worth $0.01 in real-world money.

Let's say you bought Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey and a bunch of other Nintendo games, totaling 500 Gold Points in your My Nintendo account. Later this year, when you decide to purchase Bayonetta from the eShop, you'll be able to cash in those 500 Gold Points for $5 for your purchase. And again, since you're buying Bayonetta from the eShop, that purchase will already net you more Gold Points to start re-growing your collection.

Sure, getting free games back in the day was nice and all, but the system was limited to whatever Nintendo decided to have on offer. Also, those games were usually smaller offerings or Game Boy classics. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just that you were pretty much out of luck if nothing you wanted ever rotated into the lineup.

With this new system, players will be able to spend their Points however they see fit, which is a pretty nice little perk.

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