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Nintendo Labo is still a couple months out from launch but, before April 20 rolls around, Nintendo wants to make sure people have a better grasp of what, exactly, the various kits will have to offer. To pull that off, they've launched a trio of new videos that break down the Labo experience in general, as well as the first two kits that will hit the market.

It's definitely one of those things that's easier to show than tell, which is why Nintendo has rolled out a trio of fresh videos that break everything down. First up is the Overview Trailer. Clocking in at about four minutes, this can be considered the "everything you need to know" about how Labo will be packaged and used. From a look at how the tutorials will work to an explanation of what other features are included in the software, this is the best way to bring parents and teachers up to speed on why Labo is such an interesting educational tool.

When Nintendo Labo was first announced last month, it caught many gamers off guard. The easiest way to describe this latest kooky idea from Nintendo is that it's a collection of cardboard peripherals the players construct themselves, with game software that lets you utilize those peripherals in interesting ways.

The Labo line is clearly aimed at youngsters who like to be creative, giving them the opportunity to construct simple machines that, when combined with the Nintendo Switch, will let you play a piano, go fishing or destroy buildings as a massive robot.

The second, and longest, new video is called "Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit," which is an extended trailer for the first of two Labo kits launching on April 20. The Variety Kit includes everything players will need to construct a Switch-powered piano, motorcycle, fishing rod, house and RC car. The software that comes with this kit will include all of the instructions and detailed looks at how the technology actually works, as well as plenty of games and experiments to conduct with the various cardboard peripherals.

Finally, there's the Robot Kit, which will likely become an instant must-have for anyone who has both a Switch and youngsters in the house. This kit only has one peripheral, but it's a body-sized mech suit that even fits adults. The suit includes attachments for your feet and hands, with the in-game robot able to walk and swing its arms mirroring the player. Again, its software includes all of the details for building the peripheral, explanations of how the technology works, and games for solo or two-player robot action.

While definitely not for everyone, it's great to see Nintendo once again thinking outside the box when it comes to creating educational experiences.