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The Pokemon Go Community Day is a huge event for some gamers because it opens up an opportunity for them to get their hands on some additional legendary Pokemon that were previously made unavailable.

Gamespot is reporting that if you missed out on capturing some of the legendary Pokemon in the past, the current Community Day event will open up an opportunity to capture those legendary Pokemon.

However if for whatever reason you're unable to get in on the Community Day festivities there's a Pokemon Go Legendary Week that will see Kyogre, Rayquaza and Groudon being available through the Raid Battles at the Gyms.

All three Generation 3 Pokemon will be available over the course of the next week up until March 5th, where you'll have an opportunity to grab the Pokemon before they disappear for a while again.

Originally, Niantic Labs allowed gamers to get their hands on Groudon back in December and up through January for a limited time, allowing players to expand their library of legendary Pokemon with the highly sought after pocket monster. Kyogre then made a brief debut during the middle of February this year, giving gamers a brief opportunity to get their hands on the whale-like water type.

Additionally, each of the legendaries will give your trainer special bonus buffs during the Legendary Week. If you manage to defeat Rayquaza more than the other two legendary Pokemon you'll receive a special buff that means every time you hatch an egg between March 5th and March 16th the Pokemon will prefer windy weather. If you manage to defeat Groudon or Kyogre more often than Rayquaza, you'll receive a special egg hatching buff where the Pokemon you hatch eggs in Pokemon Go will prefer sunny or rainy weather.

The buffs will go into effect once the Legendary Week has concluded, so you'll have to think about and choose wisely which of the three you'll want to defeat more and which one has the buff you want to take advantage of following the special event.

During the Pokemon Go Community Day event you'll also receive special Raid Passes so you'll be well prepared to dive into the Gym battles with your buddies and take down the three legendary Pokemon. The special pass will make it easy to get into the Raid Battles.

The Community Day event is designed to give you a limited window to quickly evolve a dragon Pokemon into a Dragonite and quickly teach it a rare move called Draco Meteor.

Once you get done with the Community Day event, which likely won't have the same problems that Niantic encountered with Pokemon Go during the Chicago event, you can then prep for the Legendary Week and make good on the three Pokemon who will be available for capture during the limited time event.

There's no telling exactly when the three Pokemon will make a return to the mobile game for iPhones and Android smart devices, so it's probably wise to get your hands on the Raid Pass and do what you can to capture the three Pokemon as quickly as possible.

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