Final Fantasy XV

If you have a beefy enough PC you can grab the demo for Final Fantasy XV right now. That's right the demo is currently available to download, giving you a very small taste of a single chapter of the sprawling JRPG from Square Enix that originally came out for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 back at the end of 2016.

The demo originally went live first on the Windows Store for gamers with Windows 10. If you have it then you can hop on over to the store from the main desktop tab and download a copy. Keep in mind that you'll be relegated to using the settings for Windows 10 when playing the game as opposed to whatever setup you have running for other digital store clients such as GOG Galaxy, Origin or Steam.

Additionally, controller support for non-Microsoft controllers may not be guaranteed when downloading the Windows 10 version of Final Fantasy XV. So be sure to check the stats and details before diving in.

If, however, you have the Steam client you can download the Steam version of the Final Fantasy XV demo from over on the Steam store.

Keep in mind that you will need a massive amount of memory free if you want to play the game. The requirements top off at 100GB of free space being required. This is due to the fact that the game has support for scalability up to 4K resolutions.

Your standard requirements just to play the game at 1080p and 30fps will still need 16GB of RAM and an i7-3770 with a GTX 1060 with 6GB of VRAM or an RX 480 from AMD.

Essentially, if you already have a mega-rig you'll be good to go, but if you don't have a mega rig you can settle with an i5-2500 with 8GB of RAM and a GTX 760 or R9 280 if you don't mind playing at 720p at 30fps.

It's a real shame you need such beefy specs just to play the game at console standards and even beefier specs if you want to play the game at above-par specs with 1080p and 60fps.

Nevertheless, the game is a huge step for Square because it means that the company is showing a strong sign of supporting PC gaming in ways like never before. The company definitely has missteps with ports of games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI, but if things go over well with Final Fantasy XV then it means PC gamers could likely see other titles like the Final Fantasy VII Remake make the leap as well.

Final Fantasy XV was definitely a polarizing game outside of its technical performance. A lot of gamers had mixed feelings after about making it a third of the way through the game and encountering a serious tonal shift. There were also some controversies around Chapter 13. However, director Hajime Tabata went back and completely overhauled Chapter 13 and gave it a different kind of feel.

PC gamers will get all of the latest updates, all of the latest DLC, and some special content rolled into one with Final Fantasy XV. Ahead of its release in March, you can download the demo right now to get a taste.

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