For Honor

Gamers have been begging Ubisoft for dedicated servers for For Honor for ages. Ahead of launch gamers had requested dedicated servers in order to cut down on all the server migration issues from hosted games, and after a year of begging Ubisoft is finally going to bring dedicated servers to Xbox One and PS4 gamers.

The dedicated servers were first introduced to PC gamers last month on February 19th. Xbox One and PS4 gamers will be able to go get in on the action starting March 6th. Yes, the dedicated servers went live this week worldwide for console gamers at 2:00 PM UTC/9:00 AM Eastern Time.

Dedicated servers will be designed to improve matches and veer away from host migration for PvP matches. Ubisoft makes it known that resynchronization for host migration has been completely removed now that peer-to-peer hosting has been absolved in place of dedicated servers. This will obviously increase the stability of PvP rounds and cut down on the number of games that drop matches.

Ubisoft has also improved overall network infrastructure stability for For Honor, making the experience as smooth as possible for the start of Season Five: Age of Wolves.

The new update will bring in new training modes, new Hero updates, new balance patches, and some special events for players to partake in.

It's interesting that it took Ubisoft a whole year to finally add dedicated servers, even though gamers had been asking for the feature since before the game's original release. In fact, there were threads about the feature as far back as the original closed beta tests, when gamers realized that the dedicated servers would be necessary for server stability during For Honor's PvP matches.

Perhaps Ubisoft didn't want to invest in the infrastructure at the time in case the game bombed and the company had to cut its losses. It's possible that Ubisoft waited to see how well For Honor would perform on the market, and if it turned out well enough, add in dedicated servers.

I think most people probably don't care that the publisher had a change of heart about the feature and are just happy that it's available. A lot of gamers prefer dedicated servers or at least the ability to open custom servers for a game, because peer-to-peer server hosting usually is unreliable and makes for poor quality during multiplayer matches.

Call of Duty gamers have been pestering Activision for years about it, and after complaining to EA and DICE for custom servers in Battlefield, EA obliged with rented servers. Ubisoft seems to have finally listened to the community for For Honor, and so there should be a decidedly obvious increase in the quality of multiplayer games with the new feature going live.

PC gamers have had the past month to experience dedicated servers and now it's the turn of PS4 and Xbox One gamers to join in on the fun. We'll see if the complaints about server stability and dropped multiplayer matches lessen now that Ubisoft has made the switch.

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