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Days Gone

Bend Studio's Days Gone has been delayed. The game originally had a tentative 2018 release, but no one knew when in 2018 the game was supposed to release. Well, now it's been confirmed that the game has been pushed back by an entire year.

According to Gamespot, Sony confirmed to the outlet that Days Gone has officially been delayed into 2019, stating...

We can confirm that Days Gone will now be releasing in 2019 and we will keep you updated on the launch date

As noted by Gamespot, there was no reason given as to why the game was delayed. However, leading up to the news about the delay, Bend Studio had been posting messages and tweets about ramping up development for the game, including hiring in senior development staff such as lead designers and artists.

Usually, when a studio is still hiring in art teams and designers it means that there are segments of the game still being fleshed out. A while back Bend Studio announced that the alpha build for the PS4 exclusive was complete enough to be played through from start to finish. However, this does not denote that the game was complete in terms of playability. Being able to play through a game from start to finish in alpha is not the same as a game being complete and ready to be sold to consumers.

With Bend Studio bringing in artists and engineers, it's likely that while the core gameplay elements were in place and the core story may have been complete, there were likely areas of Days Gone that were incomplete, such as certain levels that lacked refinement or zombie types that were not entirely fleshed out.

There's also the possibility of the game requiring more refinement in the cinematic department, and tying in the art from the cinematics with the in-game segments. Some games will have all the mo-cap/performance capture done first and then will later go back and have the art team apply final passes when the game is nearing completion. The purpose of this is so that the cinematics synch up with the rest of the game's art direction. Sometimes throughout development, the characters or environment or assets will go through drastic changes, and that sometimes has to be reflected in the cinematics for the final build.

Days Gone is a fairly large game, taking place in an open world that players will be able to explore using a motorcycle. During the demonstrations of the game at various trade shows, we learned that there are day and night cycles and that cinematics can play out differently based on gameplay decisions that players make.

Bend Studio developers have plans on talking more about the game, its AI and other features at this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California between March 19th and March 23rd.

Unfortunately PlayStation 4 gamers won't be able to get their hands on the game until next year in 2019. Sadly we still don't have a solid release date on the title, so it could be early 2019 or it could be late 2019.

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