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A Fortnite party.

Fortnite is coming to E3 2018 and its bringing 100 celebrities, professional athletes and top players along for the ride. They're calling the event the Fortnite Party Royale and, based on how popular the game has become in recent months, we imagine it's going to be pretty huge.

If you follow the goings on in Fortnite: Battle Royale, you likely caught last week's stream of popular player, Ninja, and Canadian rapper, Drake. Last week, Drake tweeted to the world Wednesday evening that he was hopping into a stream with Ninja to play some Fortnite, and then the duo made streaming history. They're both extremely popular in their respective fields and, combined for a couple hours of running and gunning goodness, the due had more than 600,000 concurrent viewers enjoying the show on Twitch.

We can't help but wonder if that got the ball rolling on the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-AM, the main attraction of the Fortnite Party Royale, which is taking the recent pairing of Ninja and Drake and multiplying it by 50, then dropping it into a big event hosted during the upcoming E3 games conference. Details are scarce at the moment but, based on how popular Ninja and Drake's stream was, we hope whoever will be hosting the video feeds is prepared for an extremely heavy load.

The announcement went live this weekend over on the Fortnite blog, sharing just a couple details about the Celebrity Pro-AM. The post opens stating that the event will go down during E3 and that it will boast some of the world's "greatest athletes and entertainers," as well as top players from the Fortnite: Battle Royale community. That means Epic will be flying in 100 folks to pair up and hit the virtual battlefield in what is likely to be a very entertaining round of Fortnite.

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It's possible this will be a one and done event, but we're hopeful they'll have all of the teams sit tight for at least a few matches. It wouldn't be that difficult to score, either. Take each team's final standings, add them up, and the team with the lowest overall scores wins. A single round of Battle Royale can wrap up in less than half an hour, so we're only crossing our fingers on additional competitions for extra footage and fun to put on the highlight reel.

According to the post, Epic has only just begun the work of building the teams for the event. There's no telling how they're going to decide which player gets paired with which celebrity, but we're certainly interested in learning who will make up the final roster. If you've got some dream pairings you'd like to share, feel free to add them to the comments below.

And in case that wasn't enough big news, Epic slipped a footnote into their recent Battle Royale post stating that details on the first season of competitive play will be announced sometime in the next few weeks.