If you've managed to hold off on buying a PlayStation VR headset up to this point, your patience is being rewarded with an even lower price. Starting this week, the standard headset and a pair of bundles are getting another permanent discount.

It's been a huge first year for the PlayStation VR, with the console moving more units than expected, outpacing the competition by a sound margin and serving as the home to more than 150 virtual reality games and experiences. Sony has stated that games currently in development will double that figure by the end of the year, including recent hits such as Sprint Vector, Moss and Blasters of the Universe.

In other words, now might be a good time to finally dive into VR gaming on the PlayStation 4, and Sony is making that easier than ever with the lowest price point to date. Announced over on the PlayStation Blog and beginning March 29, the MSRP for PSVR will move to just $299.99.

If you're looking to dive head-first into VR, though, you might want to consider one of the console's bundles.

The first is the PlayStation VR DOOM VFR bundle, which is actually going for the same price of $299. Originally $399.99, this bundle includes the VR headset, a PlayStation Camera, PS VR Demo Disc 2.0 and the DOOM VFR game disc. That's a pretty sweet deal for the asking price.

There's also a bundle based around The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, which will set you back $349.99. That bundle includes the headset, the camera, the demo disc and the game, as well as a pair of PlayStation Move controllers. Not all VR games use the Move controllers, but it's an option or mandatory for some of them. Just something to consider if you're kicking the idea of a purchase around.

The announcement ends reiterating the fact that more than 180 games and experiences are expected to launch for PSVR this year. Just this week, the VR content for WipEout Omega Collection launched on the PSVR, with more getting dropped onto the virtual market place and/or store shelves each week. As for those "experiences," that usually includes things like interactive VR applications or apps that let you watch various bits of VR content.

Again, Sony is being pretty aggressive with their VR strategy, which is good to see. While their support of the PSP and Vita was a bit lacking, they're making some solid moves to keep getting more of these consoles into folks' living rooms. And more importantly, they're working just as hard to secure loads of games for folks to play on the machine.

If you've got a hot take on PSVR after playing it for a while, feel free to share it in the comments below.

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