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Star Wars: Battlefront II

DICE and Electronic Arts have announced that there are big plans set to take place with Star Wars: Battlefront II. The upcoming event is only going to run for a limited time but it will bring gamers the sort of gameplay that some fans have been begging for.

EA announced that starting April 18th there's going to be an Ewok Hunt Mode as part of the Night On Endor update. You'll either get to play as an Imperial Stormtrooper or as an Ewok.

This is actually bringing back a mode that was present in the original Pandemic version of Star Wars: Battlefront II from back in 2005. It was called "Hunt Mode" and it featured several different stages where players would face off against native inhabitants of certain planets in order to complete the challenge. One stage saw Stormtroopers battling against the giant monster-like creatures from Felucia, while another map saw Snowtroopers taking on Wampas on Hoth, another option featured Imperial troops versus Wookies, and, finally, there were Stormtroopers versus Ewoks.

Gamers originally asked EA and DICE about the Hunt Mode back when Star Wars: Battlefront II was still in development but EA denied that the mode would be available during launch, much like how cosmetic options for the characters weren't present during launch.

Well, with the Night on Endor update the Ewok Hunt mode starts with an ambush from the Ewoks and every time a Stormtrooper is killed, it spawns yet another Ewok. This continues on until either the Ewoks or the Stormtroopers are defeated.

The highlight here is that the hunt takes place at night, so the darkness will work against the Imperial forces as they attempt to defend their position against the Ewok ambush.

The Night on Endor update isn't arriving alone, though. The update also brings microtransactions to the table in the form of Crystals. These Crystals can be used to acquire costumes and cosmetics for the various character classes on the Star Wars: Battlefront II roster.

Originally the game's premium microtransactions were tied to the loot crates in the game, where players could pay real money to acquire loot crates to craft Star Cards. The Star Cards could then be used to upgrade the characters and vehicles in the game, obviously giving players with higher-tier Star Cards a considerable advantage over players who didn't have the items equipped. It was called out during the beta phase as being a pay-to-win scheme and the protests echoed loudly enough through the marketplace that Disney had EA curtail the microtransactions ahead of release.

This time around, the press release notes that the Crystals can only be used for unlocking new costumes and appearances, with a total of 50 different cosmetic options available to unlock.You won't be able to use the Crystals for the loot boxes.

So what happens to the Star Cards? Well, in a FAQ page it's revealed that if you already have the Star Cards you can retain them and use them as you see fit. But the new leveling system in Star Wars: Battlefront II that will come into play will allow gamers to level up the characters based on play-time and unlocks rather than using microtransactions. This new feature will go into effect along with the Ewok Hunt Mode starting April 18th.