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So, here's something that makes so much sense, we're surprised it hasn't been done until now. Thanks to a new collaboration between Xbox and Discord, users across both services will soon be able to link their accounts. That should make keeping up with friends and gaming groups a heck of a lot easier.

Over on Xbox Wire, they're announcing yet another way for gamers to keep up-to-date with their online friends courtesy of a Discord partnership. While Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo all have their own friends lists, social features and the like, many gamers have turned to Discord to handle all of that jibba-jabba simply because it houses everything you need under one roof. Rather than try to manage multiple friends lists, clan schedules or just chat with likeminded gamers on separate platforms, Discord allows folks to do all of that from a single location. Now Microsoft is making that process even more unified by working with Discord to let players link accounts.

As the announcement notes, this makes extra sense for Microsoft, as Xbox gaming is now spread across both PC and console. Once you link your Xbox Live and Discord membership, it'll be easier than ever to stay in the loop. One example listed in the announcement is that, if you're playing Sea of Thieves or Gears of War on your Xbox, your PC pals will be able to see that in your Discord feed. From there, they can ask to join your game or just send you some grief for skipping out on that Halo tournament you were supposed to join earlier in the day.

As with all new features on the Xbox One, this particular account linking will roll out to Insiders for testing first. Insiders will have the option of linking their accounts directly from the Xbox One soon, with the announcement stating that the wider Xbox audience will be allowed to do the same thing "soon." Once you have the ability to do so, just head into the Account Settings on your console, hit up the Linked Social Accounts tab and plug in your Discord info. If you'd rather go through this process on PC, an option will soon be added to include your Xbox account information. Again, this makes a heck of a lot of sense since you can already do this with your accounts for Twitch, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and Steam.

We wouldn't be surprised if the functionality grows with time but, for now, it looks like the main draw is making it so that your friends on Discord will be able to see what you're playing on Xbox One from within the app, rather than needing to boot up their own console to check in.