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Judy caught in rain storm Beyond: Two Souls

The May PlayStation Plus lineup has been announced, including the usual batch of two games per Sony platform. There's some solid stuff in the mix next month, including Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls.

With Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human going gold earlier this week and set to launch in late May, it makes sense that the PlayStation 4 version of their previous game, Beyond: Two Souls, would arrive as a gratis Plus offering to help get fans ready for some more adventure game goodness.

While Detroit and Beyond aren't actually connected (as far as we can tell), Quantic Dream is a lot like Telltale when it comes to their titles. They all offer something a bit different, but they're all similar in terms of structure. Like Beyond and Heavy Rain before it, Detroit is a sort of action adventure game, letting the player explore the world, interact with items, question NPCs and ultimately make decisions that will have an impact on the outcome of individual scenes and the full game itself.

In Beyond: Two Souls, players will take on the role of Judy, a young woman who has a unique connection with an entity possessing mysterious powers. What is this entity? Why is it so protective of Judy? What are the limits of its powers? You'll just have to play the game to find out.

Also arriving on Plus for the PS4 in May is the absolutely amazing Rayman Legends. Along with Rayman Origins, these are some of the best, most criminally overlooked platformers to launch in the past decade. That might sound a bit hyperbolic, but I stand by it. If you're looking for some solid running, jumping, bouncing, punching and gliding with gorgeous graphics, a stellar soundtrack and fun twists on the familiar genre, be sure to download this one next Tuesday.

Over to the PlayStation 3 and you've got a couple of lesser known games up for grabs through Plus in May. Risen 3: Tian Lords is a Euro RPG while Eat Them! boasts some fun kaiju battle action complete with some fantastic cell-shaded graphics.

Over to the PlayStation Vita and this month's options are all about puzzling your way through oodles of levels. Furmins and King Oddball will keep you plenty busy on the go, with the latter also available on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 as a cross-platform game. In other words, if you want to play King Oddball, you can download it on one or all three Sony platforms.

Of course, the Instant Games library is only one of the perks of PlayStation Plus. The PS Blog post highlights that additional exclusive offers and discounts will be made available throughout May, allowing you to save money on a backlog of games to help you make it through the potential summer drought. Oh, and you can still get 10 percent off on Spotify Premium if you sign up through the PS4 with Plus.