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Nintendo is still sticking with its foray into mobile gaming, and this time around instead of porting over a game to mobile devices or having developers make a new game based on one of its popular existing IPs, Nintendo is building an original RPG for iOS and Android devices.

The new game was announced via a trailer that was posted on the official Japanese YouTube channel for Dragalia Lost. It's revealed that Cygames is currently developing the new mobile title, which will be published by Nintendo.

Cygames is known for a number of mobile games released over the last seven years, with a number of different publishers having distributed the company's games, including DeNA, Bandai Namco Entertainment, and Sega. Cygames isn't very well known for its console games, and have only had two games released on the PS4, PS Vita and Steam. The two most well known games from the development studio would probably be Granblue Fantasy and Shadowverse.

As for Dragalia Lost, the game is a throwback to traditional JRPGs, with chibi designs and 3D characters and environments. The game reminds me a lot of classic 3D JRPGs during the original PlayStation One era, such as Legend of Dragoon. The actual gameplay is a lot closer to standard action-RPGs that we've seen on home consoles, handhelds and mobile devices. You'll take control of a handful of heroes and utilize them across isometric 3D maps where you'll hack-and-slash your way through the bad guys.

The game is scheduled to release this summer for both iOS and Android devices. A solid release date hasn't been set yet, nor have there been any details on the payment method for the game. Typically, Nintendo's foray into mobile gaming on iOS and Android devices has centered around buying an app once and owning it. Some of the company's other games do contain microtransactions, but Nintendo typically feels as if pay-to-win schemes and aggressive predatory in-app purchases diminish the value of the brand. The executives certainly aren't wrong, given that very few mobile brands that were popular a decade ago, or even half a decade ago, are still popular now. Many franchises such as Angry Birds or Clash of Clans no longer command the sales that they once did when they first released.

We'll see what sort of monetary method Nintendo and Cygames come up with for Dragalia Lost as it inches closer towards its release this summer.

Right now it is possible to pre-register over on the Japanese website if you have a Nintendo Network account and either an Android smartphone or an iPhone. There were some problems initially with the pre-registration phase but it appears it's all sorted out now.

You can look for Dragalia Lost to launch this summer for smart devices in Japan. Expect a Western release to follow shortly thereafter.