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A Battlefield 1 soldier, ready for war.

It looks like details pertaining to Battlefield V will be revealed soon but, rather than an announcement from EA or DICE, this news comes to us from a hidden room within Battlefield 1.

The folks at Eurogamer have been prowling through the Battlefield 1 subreddit and Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Discord and returned with some interesting news. Thanks to a bunch of clever players, a mystery hidden within Battlefield 1 reveals that news about the upcoming Battlefield V will be revealed on May 23. That means we'll be hearing more about what's rumored to be a World War II shooter in just a couple of weeks, but the process by which the players discovered the information is far more interesting than the information itself.

To be clear, this Easter egg wasn't hidden within Battlefield 1 for very long, but was instead dropped into the game via a recent patch. As the story goes, the Fort de Vaux map has always sported a locked room with the word "Isolement" etched above the door. Following the recent patch, though, a series of buttons were hidden behind posters within the map. Those buttons sport letters and, if you activate them in such a way that they spell the word "Isolement," the mysterious door will open.

At first, it looks like the revelation is a bit of a dud. The cell is empty save a tunnel leading to nowhere, some valves you can spin, and an unfinished painting of a white horse on the wall. If you listen carefully, though, you'll notice that the pipes in the ceiling are dripping water and, yep, it turns out the drips are in Morse Code. Translate the drips and you'll come up with the following code: ea.com/neverbethesame.

You can head there if you like, but we've already put in the legwork and can fill you in on everything you'll find on the rather bland teaser page. There's a blue background with the date of May 23, 2018 on it. There's also a #battlefield hashtag, and the ability to share the page through Twitter or Facebook. Clearly, Dice wanted folks to discover the secret page and then report their findings to the world.

So, there you have it. It looks like we'll learn about the next Battlefield game in just a couple of weeks. To be clear, we're not expecting any information on the Battle Royale mode just yet, as any such mode will reportedly be plugged into the game following launch. Still, a Battle Royale mode, in Battlefield, potentially set during World War II? That's would certainly set it apart from the pack.

Before closing out, we've got to give credit to Wesley Yin-Poole for his forehead-slap-worthy revelation that this Battlefield news was literally "leaked" within the game. You see, because the pipes were leaking, causing the drops of water with the code and---ah, never mind, you probably get it.

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