Destiny 2

Bungie has a constant slew of new updates and information coming out for Destiny 2. The latest info that the developer has been rolling around in the community centers around Exotic armor and how the developers have plans on changing they operate in the game and updating some of the existing Exotics.

The news comes courtesy in the weekly update over on the Bungie website, where there's a dedicated section covering the updates set to take place for the armor when 1.2.1 release on May 29th.

The changes come as part of the overall Season 3 changes, following an overhaul to the Exotic weapons. After beefing up the offensive capabilities of the Exotics, Bungie felt it was time to address the defensive capabilities of the Exotics. This will include how the armor performs during strikes, single-player content, and the Crucible.

According to the post, the changes will affect six different pieces of Exotic armor, which breaks down to two Exotics per class. This includes Exotics for the Titan, the Hunter, and the Warlock.

For the Titan in Destiny 2, you'll have the Synthoceps and Lion Rampant to look forward to as the items getting overhauled. This includes changes for the perks, which grants a flat bonus for melee and super damage if you're surrounded by three or more enemies. There's also a small buff once you're no longer surrounded by enemies.

For Lion Rampant, you can now fire from the hip when Lift is active, and you won't lose any accuracy or incur an accuracy penalty while firing when in mid-air.

For the Hunter, there's a change to the Dragon's Shadow, which will now reload all your weapons simultaneously when you dodge. There's also a bonus ability for mobility when wearing Wraithmetal Mail. The Hunter's Mechaneer's Tricksleeves is also undergoing changes, where players who swap to a sidearm while critically wounded will receive a damage output bonus.

Last but not least is the Warlock, who sees some much-needed alterations made to the Lunafaction Boots and Sunbracers. According to the Destiny 2 developers, the Lunafaction Boots will allow Rift to automatically reload instead of being activated on entry or exit. Bungie made it where players no longer have to dip into and out of Rift in order to reload their weapons, which broke the flow of the ability.

As for the Sunbracers... the team completely replaced the original effect, and now it increases the duration of Solar Grenades. Additionally, players who use a Solar melee kill will be rewarded with a short buff of unlimited Solar Grenade energy.

These changes will be rather present and obvious in the next update for Destiny 2, but don't think that these are the only changes coming to Exotics in the game. As mentioned in the post, Bungie has plans on adding more changes and making more alterations to Exotics in future updates.

The sci-fi first-person shooter is currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Just recently Bungie released the Warmind update, which features a new set of campaign missions for players to complete.

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