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Nintendo likes to bill Mario Party games as a way to bring friends together for some wholesome, competitive competition; but anyone who has played the series knows that those "friendly" sessions can quickly turn into no-holds-barred grudge matches capable of creating lasting, bitter rivalries. Which is exactly why we're so excited to learn that Super Mario Party is heading to the Nintendo Switch.

While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the lack of a new Metroid trailer are earning most of the Nintendo E3 buzz, several other games made it onto Nintendo's Direct presentation worthy of some time in the spotlight. Super Mario Party is one such game, as it seems like a perfect fit for Switch. All of this iterations mini-games can be played with a single Joy-Con controller, meaning you've always got a competitive multiplayer game ready to go on just a single console.

According to the game's announcement, the fan-favorite "board game style" has made a triumphant return and received something of an overhaul, offering "deeper strategic elements" such as character-specific abilities earned through unique Dice Blocks.

As in previous games, up to four players will be tasked with exploring the game board in search of stars. Along the way, you'll be thrust into various mini-games that force players to think quickly and react to all sorts of bizarre situations.

In the trailer, we catch quick glimpses of characters battling in an arena with a Chain Chomp, working together to catch fish with a net, racing down a trail while balancing on barrels, galloping down a track on horses and even using the Joy-Con to try and flip a piece of tofu to cook it evenly on multiple sides. It looks like there are a lot of games being packed in, which should help keep things fresh while simultaneously building lasting rivalries between you and your friends.

One of the coolest new features is something called "Toad's Rec Room," which we get a brief glimpse of in the new trailer. This mode allows you to use two Switch consoles in unique ways, lining them up in order to create different types of game boards that you can then play on. It appears there are also going to be some unique modes for teams of two, as one scene boasts a pair of players strategizing against another team in a game of baseball.

Nintendo likes to put up a front that their games are all about good, old-fashioned fun, but we all know the truth. With games like Super Mario Party, Overcooked 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate popping up during this year's E3, it's clear they're actually out to ruin as many friendships as humanly possible. Speaking of which, you can start building some new rivalries once Super Mario Party launches on Oct. 5.