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When it comes to Fortnite updates, the 125 million-strong player base holds on tight to just about every new update and every new announcement that Epic Games makes. So it makes it all that much more devastating whenever the company has to break some disappointing news to its player base by revealing that some content is being delayed. That's exactly what happened recently when Epic had to announce that the new Playground LTM mode isn't going to launch exactly when a lot of people expected it to launch.

The news was rolled out via the official Fortnite Twitter account, where the team announced that the new mode for the Battle Royale game was being delayed by an entire week.

The team ran into some problems with getting the Playground LTM stable, and the servers just weren't playing nice, so it was pushed back by a week. On the upside, Epic did announce that on July 2nd, 2018 there would be an update on the status of the Playground mode for Fortnite. The additional information that would be shared will likely go live shortly.

In another tweet further into the thread, the developers also note that they didn't take the weekend off, and have actually been working all weekend long in order to achieve stability for the mode in preparation for the launch later this week. The main goal that Epic is working on is achieving stability.

Some of the loyal Fortnite players have been frustrated at the news because they had an oh-so-small taste of the Playground LTM very briefly during the previous week, but due to performance stability not being where it should, Epic had to pull the mode and send it into maintenance.

Originally it was supposed to go live on June 27th, but the issues prevented it from working as intended. The following day Epic Games updated gamers to let them know that the Playground LTM mode was temporarily on hold until the server issues could be resolved. The team then promised that there would be an update later in the day to address the issues, but the update basically informed gamers that it still wasn't ready for release.

Since then gamers have been questioning when exactly will the Fortnite mode be ready? Epic managed to stave off some of the unrest by launching the countdown event, which resulted in an electrical charge going off and creating a fissure in the sky after a rocket spiraled out of control and blew up. The electrical anomalies have proven to fascinate and capture the interests of gamers for a short period, but now they're back to wondering about the new Playground LTM mode.

Some believe that the new mode could arrive along with the Season 5 announcements, following up on the super hero themed events of Season 4. Of course, we'll likely find out exactly what sort of details will be unveiled regarding the next season and the Playground LTM mode for Fortnite once the Monday announcement arrives.