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Cyber Gadget Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Accessorizing Nintendo gear has always been a big pastime for a lot of dedicated Nintendo fans. There are entire communities built around making custom covers for the Nintendo 3DS, or special carrying cases for some of Nintendo's most popular portable gaming devices. Usually, these communities gain traction once Nintendo's product begins to saturate the market, and new accessories and peripherals begin to pop up for the hardware. So of course, it should come as no surprise that there's a brand new acrylic screen cover for the Nintendo Switch that's being designed by Cyber Gadget, giving gamers more opportunities to both customize and protect their Switch.

Nintendo Soup is reporting that Cyber Gadget's new device is designed to protect your Switch from receiving any kind of physical damage, including scuff marks, scratches, dents or dings. Specifically, the acrylic screen cover is designed to cover the Nintendo Switch's screen from receiving damage and it's also designed to reduce the amount of light that enters into your eyes.

The article states that Cyber Gadget's device is designed to offer you more touchscreen protection and more durability than other screen covers out there for the Nintendo Switch. This is supposedly due to the acrylic material making it sturdier and capable of withstanding the typical amounts of punishment that busy students, commuters, workers, and kids might put their Nintendo Switch (and its screen) through.

There are a few caveats to this particular screen protector, though, but they aren't all that bad, and if you're really in desperate need of a high-quality piece of protection for your Nintendo Switch then I doubt the downsides will deter you from picking up the accessory for yourself. So the first major issue is that the screen protector does not work with other screen protectors or covers.

The other problem is that you can't place the Nintendo Switch inside of the dock while the cover is on. So if you were planning on purchasing this specific cover in order to make sure that it protects the screen both in portable mode and in TV mode, you might be a bit disappointed to find that this screen protector will not work for the TV mode.

As mentioned in the article, the upside is that you can most certainly attach or detach the acrylic cover with ease, so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle unless you're constantly taking your Switch with you while you're traveling.

The Cyber Gadget protector is already available over in Japan for 2,678 yen, which basically breaks down to around $24 USD. But don't be sad about the accessory being available in Japan. Cyber Gadget will also be releasing a version of the screen protector for Western consumers as well starting August 20th. I wouldn't be shocked if the price was knocked down just a bit, probably around $19.99, which is a pretty good sweet spot for something like this.

Of course, if you plan on having a separate screen protector for the Nintendo Switch while it's docked, you'll have to bite the bullet and purchase something else if you want to prevent scratching or scuff marks while putting the Switch in and out of the docking station.

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