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Xbox Controller

One of the worst things in the world is having to wait for things. We all know it. You order something from a catalog or online, and you have to wait for it to arrive; the anticipation killing you inch by inch for every passing day while you do nothing but wait. Waiting for new movies to hit theaters or new music to drop -- it's insufferable, right? The worst form of waiting is at transportation hubs, specifically waiting for the bus, waiting for the train, or heck waiting for a plane during a layover. How painful is that? Well, one airport has actually decided to do something about all that torturous waiting by making layovers less awful, all thanks to having a fully functional gaming lounge.

A Reddit post from user ToxicSteve13 features a photo of the new gaming lounge at the Dallas, Fort Worth International Airport. This is actually a collaborative effort between the company Gameway and the DFW Airport. Gameway opened two lounges at the airport, one located at gates B42 and another at E16, as reported by NBC.

The two lounges feature full screen television setups with modern seating and headphones for those who wish to game privately. Wireless controllers connect to the setup and allow gamers to play from a wide variety Xbox One games, including Rocket League and Madden NFL to name but a few. Majority of the games are from top-selling brands like Rise of the Tomb Raider and Fortnite.

The stations also allow you to charge your mobile devices such as phones and tablets with plugs that are just below the elevated television screens. The lounge sports leather chairs and desk space where you can place your snacks down.

What's interesting about this news is that while Microsoft and the Xbox brand is a partner in this venture, Gameway is actually designed to bridge customers with mobile gaming. Oddly, though the Gameway lounges feature Xbox game consoles and not mobile gaming stations.

Either way, I'm sure most of the airport denizens don't care who is hosting the lounges or providing the gaming hardware, but I'm sure they're awfully happy to have something to do while waiting for their flights during layovers.

I do wonder about granting easy access to the wireless Xbox One controllers? Usually, when game controllers or systems are put out on display for the general public they keep the controllers tethered to the game stations.

Over time they take on wear and tear, and there's also the instances of pesky little kids taking the controllers with them while leaving the lounge area, or mistakenly keeping hold of it while distracted parents ready the family to board the plane. It just seems like there's going to be a lot of missing Xbox controllers from the lounge area by keeping them wireless.

Anyway, if you're in the area or stuck in a layover at the DFW Airport, you'll be able to check out the gaming lounge while you wait for your flight.